Momlog 27, 2011; Mr Personality


Our little guy is blooming.  He has reached that really cute age…you know, he’s finally using the potty consistently, we can understand what he’s saying (although most other people can’t) and he’s coming up with his own things. 

A few days ago, we had a meeting at the school district.  We met with several teachers who he had never met before.  One of the teachers told him, “You are a very handsome boy” and he said, “I know”.   Everyone “observing” started to laugh behind their hands because we didn’t want to distract him. 

Then this morning, the Hubs dropped me off at H.E.B. (our grocery store) and then he and the boy went over to McDonald’s to pick some breakfast (because even I get tired of preparing food all the time) and they pasted by Starbucks. The boy said, “Diddy, Diddy, Mamma’s coffee” and pointed at Starbucks.    Oh my.  I do like my coffee and we (he and I) do sometimes stop by for coffee and sometimes he gets a fancy organic Horizon Chocolate milk.   

He has also started singing.  It is the cutest thing because 1. He’s a terrible singer (so far) and we can’t recognize the tune. 2. It’s hard to understand the words to his songs. And 3. He often does motions as he “sings” which actually helps me to recognize the song because I taught him the motions.  Today, the Hubs was singing and he has a beautiful voice but the boy told him to stop singing.  The boy prefers my singing  which is not so lovely which means he probably doesn’t have an “ear” for music. I am going to have to get him listening to some good music.  I love to hear him sing…it makes me happy because he seems so happy. 

If you think that is cute…just wait.  Today at church we were getting ready to give our offering.  I gave him a dollar bill to put in the basket.  There have been a few Sundays when we got home and I found the offering I gave him…in his pocket.   We are trying to teach him about giving so I was telling him to put the dollar in the basket.  He was waving his dollar in the air and looking for the basket.  Brother Jack, who takes up the offering was on the other side of little church holding the basket.  Our pastor, bless his heart, was “waxing eloquent” (as the Hubs says) and trying to remember all the announcements and being nearly 3 years old, the boy was excited about putting his dollar in the basket.  He was kind of dancing around and finally he just dashed across the aisles and put his dollar in and ran back and it was just so cute that I couldn’t say anything about it.  Someone said something like, “If only we were all so eager to give” and everyone laughed.  Right before the basket was to pass by, I gave him another dollar to put in…he put the dollar in and turned to me excitedly and said, “Mamma, I deed it!  Yah!”  (he cheers for himself a lot these days).


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