It’s a Man Thing


I’m sure this has to be a “Man Thing”.  Tonight, we took off to my parent’s house.  My mom had planned a Birthday Celebration for The Hubs, my sister and my (honorary) sister-in-law (she’s actually married to my cousin but we claim her as a sister).

My dad called and asked me to bring some coffee that was in the freezer of the refrigerator that we borrowed from him while awaiting the arrival of our new fridge.   I took the coffee out and set it next to some coupons I had clipped for my mom (well, really for my dad since somehow, my mom has worked it out that my dad now does the grocery shopping…that maybe is another blog) and my purse.  In our hurry to leave, I walked out with the coupons but without the coffee (you can see what my priorities are, right?).  About a mile down the road from our house, I remember that I forgot the coffee.  We u-turn.  When we get back to our house, I ask The Hubs to run in and grab the coffee.  This should have taken about 37 seconds.  After 104 seconds I decide, that he has no idea where the coffee is…so I jump out of the truck, walk in and grab it and call for The Hubs.  He walks out of the kitchen eating a cookie, telling me that he couldn’t find the coffee.  I said, “I see, yet you found a cookie”.  Of course, he blamed me because I didn’t tell him exactly where the coffee was and he was looking in the general area where coffee should be….

When you can’t find what you are looking for, just eat a cookie.

In The Hub’s defense, we have had to implement some things to help us function with losingites (long-term disease characterized by losing items, especially items that are “right in front of  you”).  For example, I have a key hanger for keys because if The Hubs doesn’t put his keys in the same place every time he walks in the door, he will not be able to find them later.  Seriously.  This morning, he couldn’t find his wallet.  He has losingites and I am beginning to think it’s catchy…I still haven’t found my iron or all our bathroom towels or several other household items.

Please pray for us.  I believe there is hope for us.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Man Thing

  1. Nana

    There is Hope. We told Bro.Paul to pray for you two. And when Bro.Paul prays for you “you had better be ready”. He asked about ya’ll last night at Cracker Barrel. I told him to keep praying!

    • Thanks, Nana. We need prayer right now. We need wisdom and maturity and more than anything, we need God’s hand to move on our behalf! (who doesn’t need those things?).

      Thanks for baking the Manderine Orange cake for The Hub’s birthday…he really liked it and he was pretty sorry he didn’t get to bring any home. 😀 Thank you that our family is tight…I know that is a result of camping trips, holidays and birthdays and even Sunday lunches spent together.

  2. Ha! Boy, can I relate… We put hooks up for our keys a few years back. He still forgets to take them out of his pocket. He doesn’t suffer from losing-itis, it’s just annoying whenever he’s parked in front of me and I need his keys to escape…

    Though I have to confess it was only when I acquired a lanyard for my keys that I managed to stop losing them myself…

    If it’s OK with you, I’d like to re-blog this in a few days time?

  3. Laddie Bordovsky

    My comment is on “It’s a Man Thing”. Couples have to constantly work together to know where things are and eventually after years of marrage you begin to read each others minds and know what each other are thinking. Concerning loosing keys, wallet, cell phone or glasses I have some thoughts. God gave man the know how and wisdom to make what are called pockets (probably a woman’s idea). Mens clothing called pants have front pockets and back pockets. Pockets are made for (in this order) right front to carry keys and change; left front, pocket a small knife, small tape measure, chapstick, and finger nail clippers; left rear pocket wallet, right rear pocket handkerchief and comb. I learned these valuable truths while as a small boy watching how my big brothrs carried their important personal items. Any man that has to carry a european bag hanging from their shoulder to me look a little effiminate. And if a man can’t carry these things in pockets he should figure out a designated place out of the reach of small unsupervised children to place said items every time so he will always know where to look for them. Just my opinion of course.

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