Snake Incident


Yes, we are calling it “The Snake Incident”.  As we were leaving my parent’s house last night, my cousin and his boys walked out ahead of us.  My cousin, Trent, and his wife, Kim have two boys, Carson and Grant.  Both boys are “characters” but then as I said about something last night, “the pecan didn’t fall far from the tree”;  Trent is a character too.  They walked out just ahead of us and my dad, aka Mr. Energy, had not turned any outside lights on and it was after 10 p.m. so it was dark.  All of the sudden, Grant started screaming and freaking out.  Trent (who just had a stint put in his heart) was holding Grant who is at age 5 “solid”…he’s not fat just a heavy, solid kid.  (Trent has been using the “stint” as an excuse all night which in his defense and seeing that it has only been about a month since got the stint is a pretty good excuse.  Also, this is a pretty good place to tell you about my Uncle Tommy who is Trent’s dad.  Uncle Tommy who is a former Marine and all around tough guy has, for as long as I have know him – my whole life- freaked out about snakes.  He hates them…worse than Indiana Jones.  He has passed this on to Trent.)  So Grant is freaking out, Trent is holding a freaking out 5 year old and saying something about a snake.   This all happened very fast.  Dennis threw The Boy to me to put in our vehicle but I kind of wanted to see the snake.  Trent said it went under my brother-in-law’s truck so I was looking under the truck.  I saw the snake…it wasn’t stretched out and was easily 2ft long unstretched and it was moving fast.  Finally, my dad comes out with a flashlight and we looked for the snake.  Trent thought it has gone up into the wheel well of the truck but no one was willing to put their hands up in there.

Kim told us that Grant actually picked the snake up and when it started moving is when he started freaking out.

On the way home (Trent and Kim following us to see our house), The Hubs was talking about Moses picking up the snake and how that must have been really terrifying for Moses (I had never thought of it that way).   I asked The boy if he saw the snake.  He said “Yes, mam” so I asked him what color it was (it looked green or yellow to me) and he said, “The snake was pink”.  (We are still working on colors.

Later, when we were at the house, The Hubs ask Grant about it and Trent was there too…

The Hubs: “Grant, did you think you were Moses picking up that snake?”

Grant: “No”

Trent, “Did you pick it up?”

Grant: “Dad, I don’t want to talk about it.”

And that was the end of that.


One thought on “Snake Incident

  1. Burned Hands

    Wow! Creepy, I hate snakes also! I don’t know if God commanded me to pick up the snake (Moses’ staff) if I could do it or not…

    So what else happened, I feel like story got cut off at the end…?

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