Chillin’ at the Pool


We had a fun “pool” day today with my sister and her kiddos.  The boy is quiet the little swimmer and he doesn’t want to hold on to me or anything, he just wants his floaties and to kick himself all around the pool and it is a big pool.  We have a wonderful “children’s area” with a giant mushroom fountain and a huge bucket thingy.  So the little kids were able to be close by and play in the water while I read a book on my Kindle.  It was relaxing and I felt so thankful and so blessed.

I have always wanted to lay on a floaty in the pool sipping a diet coke (even though, I drink Dr. Pepper and not diet coke…maybe a vanilla coke, from Sonic) and reading a book while wearing big sunglasses and basically looking cool.  Here’s the problem…well there are several problems with this scenario but mainly, I can never gracefully get on a floaty.  Seriously, even when I was a super skinny (and I was…size 4 Rocky Mountain jeans…I have pictures, somewhere…skinny could not be used to describe anything about me these days.) I could not get onto a mat without splashing much less holding a soda and a book.  I know, even if I managed to get onto the mat without dunking my Kindle, I couldn’t get off without getting it wet.  I also cannot read my Kindle in the bath tub….yep, I also would love to be one of those people who soaks for hours in a tub reading a book but I’ve tried with a magazine and somehow it always ends up wet (plus, I am a multi-tasker and lounging in the bath just gives me time to think about all the things I could be doing rather than “relaxing”.  Also, who wants to sit in a tub until the water turns tepid?). In fact, I would like to suggest to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple and whoever else manufactures e-Readers….please make one that is hardy and waterproof.  I like my Kindle but I throw it in my purse and for some reason the letters are rubbing off of the little keyboard.  Waterproof would be awesome!!!

So while everyone else  was just relaxing at the pool today, I was thinking about how awkward it would be to try to get on a floaty while keeping my Kindle out of the water.   The visual made me laugh. Then I was laughing out loud by myself by the pool like a crazy person…I still haven’t made friends with any of the new neighbors.

I also got a pretty awkward sunburn.  It’s not the first time.  I used that spray-on sunscreen (number 70) and later rubbed on more sunscreen…you would think I would be covered but no.

None of this will deter me from going back to the pool tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Chillin’ at the Pool

  1. Judy Dean

    You’re funny! We had fun. Thanks for inviting us. I have a very awkward sunburn too. What’s up with that? I applied sunscreen twice! Ellie’s legs got a little burned to, but will probably just look tan tomorrow. By the end of next week Dennis should be able to claim her as his biological child with the way that girl tans!

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