Bloom where you’re planted…if you can


I’ve been considering having some “guest” bloggers on my blog.  Just to give all my readers a little summer break from my writing.  So I am going to post some “visiting” blogs.  To start with is a conversation I had with a friend of mine.

A few months ago, we were living in an apartment and it was time to plant tomatoes.  We really wanted to plant a garden this year but it took longer than we anticipated to close on our house.  My friend Candace suggested I plant my tomato plant(s) in a container and consider replanting it after our move.

We have harvest two little Roma tomatoes so far.  I was happy to report this back to Candace.  She was happy for me but said her tomatoes aren’t doing well this year.  She and her husband are very good gardeners.  She told me she planted the tomatoes too close together this year.  Apparently, if you plant your tomatoes too close together the root systems choke each other out.

My friend Candace is so cute.  She is a lovely, woman of God.    She is an intercessor (you know I have a special place in my heart of intercessors…the secret super-heros of the Kingdom of God.  In the body of Christ, intercessors are the heart; they know and touch the heart of God.).  She is so excited about what God is speaking to her that it is hard to be around her and not also be excited.  During our conversation about tomatoes she says, “You know what God showed me about that?” (Nope).  “He told me that people are like tomato plants, you have to give them room to grow.  If you don’t they will get choked out and not produce.”

So simple yet so overlooked.  We must give other room to succeed and room to fail and most of all room to grow.

Reminds me of goldfish.  If you place a goldfish in a bowl, it will remain a little goldfish, but if you put it in a pond, it will become a large goldfish.  Room to grow.

This started me to thinking about our own little tomato plant; our lone tomato plant producing such small tomatoes.  I would like to replant in out in our yard so it can put down better roots and grow some large juicy tomatoes but my dad (a farmer at heart) said not to bother since it is so dry now and so late into the season the roots will not dig far enough down to reach the water.  People, like tomato plants do better planted in a permanent place where they can put down roots; they produce much better fruit.  Find a place to get planted and put down roots.  Look for good ground that has people who are producing good fruit.  If the ground has too much sulphate or other mineral it will effect the taste or your fruit; just like spiritual ground that it bitter or angry or disillusioned will produce strange spiritual fruit.

Find the place you can bloom and grow like crazy!

By the way, my friend Candace says I am a zebra tomato…sweet and spicy.   😀

(My friends love to “make the blog”-yes, I have several friends who call it that- and I did ask Candace’s permission before writing about her).



2 thoughts on “Bloom where you’re planted…if you can

  1. Rose

    Peaked in and really loved your story on…bloom where your planted. great story and i also wish people would spend more time in deep conversation…but everyone is always to busy…sadly. and candice is a great girl!!

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