The Parable of the Lost Tupperware


There once was a woman named Susan and she had 100 pieces of Tupperware from cake carriers to 37 bowls and 37 lids and even a several sets of midgets.  She loved her Tupperware for she had spent many, many hours choosing and purchasing and washing and storing her Tupperware.  It took her many, many years to collect all of her Tupperware and she knew every piece from her retro seventies pieces with the “burp-me” lid to the children’s pitcher and matching cups in avocado green and burnt orange.

One day, while Susan was out of town, her husband Laddie took some of her Tupperware out of the cabinet, filled it with beans and took it….yes, he took it out of the house.  She thought her Tupperware would be safe while she traveled but alas….it was not.

She looked high and low for her missing bowl.  She checked the fridge.  She checked the dishwasher.  She checked every cabinet (perhaps it was “put away” in some place other than the Tupperware cabinet).  But no large burgundy bowl.

Susan would not relent.  She would continue her search.  One day, as she helped her daughter organize the “Random plastic bowl” cabinet and her new house, Susan found her missing bowl.  She cried out in joy.  She claimed her bowl and began to search through her daughter’s “Random plastic lid” drawer to find the matching lid.  Susan’s joy over finding her long lost Tupperware was matched only by Laddie’s joy that Susan would finally stop accusing everyone of stealing her bowl.  Of course, her daughter would always be labeled a “Tupperware Thief” (in her daughter’s defense, she -the daughter- believed she would one day inherit said Tupperware so technically, it was her Tupperware too).  And Susan’s daughter did understand the value of the Tupperware as she had hosted many Tupperware parties (through her friend Shelby) so she could receive free and discounted Tupperware.

So if you have someone’s Tupperware in your “Random plastic bowl” cabinet, fish it out and return it, chances are they are somewhere right now searching high and low for it or perhaps they have even given up hope and began grieving over the loss of their Tupperware.

(Personal not to MOM- Mom, I have your large Burgundy bowl and lid…dad brought me some beans.  I immediately transferred the beans but dad forgot your bowl.  Please do not dis-inherit me…it’s not my fault.  It’s dad. He’s always taking the Tupperware out of the house like it is common “Gladware”.  Please, don’t be bitter.  I washed it for you….not by hand actually.  I’m sorry.  I profusely apologize. )

(To my readers…no I do not have time on my hands to be writing this.  I should be getting ready for my yard sale tomorrow but instead I feel like it is Christmas Eve and I can’t sleep…it’s late, I’m tired and I am cracking myself up…the later it gets the more goofy I get.  Enjoy.)



5 thoughts on “The Parable of the Lost Tupperware

  1. You forgot to mention that all the Tupperware in our home is hand-washed, not put in the dishwasher. You might be in trouble with mom for not hand-washing the burgundy bowl.

  2. Wynnel wright

    I liked much!!!
    Do u think ur mom would like some of mine, that Jaylene
    returned, I mean I picked up from her house as we were cleaning up after she left. Sorry but the pieces washed in
    dish washer don’t close like they use tooo. And the tops don’t match in color either. I guess it’s the age of time, but I would RATHER….not loan, my dishes either. Did I say loan,?? We still have a ghost in our house, things just still dis a pear!!! I say Eldon.
    Love ur storys.

    • Wynnel, I have a good friend who sells Tupperware and it is guaranteed for life. So if you have any broken pieces….let me know and she will get them replaced for you. I hope to see you at our house warming on Saturday. I always feel like we are “kindred spirits” of sorts…you are one of the most real people I know and I appreciate that. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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