This is Sam.  He’s 5 years old.  His thing right now is to ask, “Gracie, will you tell me a story about me?”  His expectation is for me to tell him a funny or sometimes scary story that involved him.  I have plenty of stories since I lived with my sister’s family (my family) for a year.

Today while driving Sam over to my sister’s (Judy) house, he asked again and I thought of a doozie of a story.  Not long after Dennis and I got married, our family went camping at the Llano river.  It was hot…really hot (it’s Texas).  My parents brought a blow-up pool for the kids.   We setup the pool and tried to turn the water on.  It was a “sticky” faucet and difficult to turn on.  Eventually, we got it on and the had the pool full of water.  The boys were playing in the water and Nana (my mom), my sister (Sam’s mom, Jenny) and I were sitting in camping chairs nearby watching them.  Sam was only 2 years old and he loved getting into the water hose at home.  You kind of have to know Sam but the best way to describe him, even from the earliest age,  is he is busy.  He is always doing something.  He picked up the hose and was trying to turn on the faucet.  We told him to leave the faucet alone and get back in the pool.  He told Jenny, “I’m going to get you”.  After a few minutes, Jenny said he wouldn’t be able to get the faucet on anyway because it was hard to turn on.  But Sam was persistent and he finally got the water on.  Jenny told him to turn the water off.  He stood there and told her again, “I’m going to get you”.   It was so darn cute….but not so much something you want to hear from your two year old as he holds a running water hose.  She told him, “You better not get me.  Turn that water off.”  Then she got up to enforce the command she had just given him.  He told her, “I’m gonna get you…”  As she approached, he did indeed “get her”  He soaked her with the hose.  Of course (if you know my family) my mom and I were roaring with laughter.  If memory serves, he totally “got away with” his behavior because Jenny was laughing too…and after all it was a really hot day.

He loved this story and asked me to “tell it again”.


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