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“The Latest from KTMI your too much information station”

The Hubs uses this all the time when someone gives us too much information about something.  You know like how many times their kid pooped yesterday or the last time they had sex with their spouse (not that we have friends like that)….basically anything awkward. I will try not to do that today.

For all my faithful readers it may seem like I haven’t been writing lately.  I have, sort of.  I’ve started at least 3 blogs that are in draft mode.  I’m looking for my sweet spot…for those of you who are faithful readers you know I’m talking about my balanced spot. It is possible this blog should have been titled “ramblings of a mad white woman” (that is a good title and I shall have to use it to write about my last trip to HEB Plus).

Today we were invited to go to the Jumpy Place (kids jump, mom’s visit and break up fights).  Wednesdays are only $5 at it looks like several pre-schools threw-up (that might be TMI) and created this massive mess called the Jumpy place…it is complete chaos.  I want to go and The Boy loves going but I figured out yesterday I haven’t actually done laundry in two weeks and I was starting to think I needed to buy more clothes because I didn’t have anything to wear but then I remembered that I have bought like 4 new shirts recently…they are just all in the dirty clothes.  In fact, our  laundry basket had actually fallen over because of it’s extreme fullness.  So instead of jumping, I will be washing….and apparently writing this.

Other news in our lives.  Due to some irreconcilable differences,  we (I should say the Hubs) resigned our positions at our former church and have been attending a church plant in our city.  The Church plant is called Legacy Church (click here for information), it just started on Easter of this year.  A team from Denver, Colorado came down to plant the church.  We have wanted to be a part of a church plant for some time and from what we have seen so far, Legacy has a great culture (of prayer, worship, community service and family).   What we have found incredible is a damn has broken in our lives.  I can pray again.  The Hubs is writing songs again.   And doors have been opening…the kind of doors that God opens, not men.

Last Friday, the Hubs led worship for a church plant out in Schertz.  The worship was good…it was FREE, it was sweet and it was cleansing.  God’s voice became so much clearer. The Word that was spoken was about rebuilding and it was right on.

We brought that sweetness back with us.   On Sunday at our new church, worship is different.  We are not at all familiar with the songs they sing.  One song they have sang several times and it has a line in it that says “I know You have come down even if write upon my heart, to remind me who You are”.

Funny…I found the song.  And I actually have this CD (somewhere in my truck).

I want so badly to change the lyric to “I know You have come down even if write upon my heart to remind me who I am”  Because I have been in a season of God reminding me who He says that I am.  I felt God tell me to pour it all out, everything in me just pour it out and get re-filled.  One thing Christians aren’t told is that our cups can be full but we have a silt in the bottom of the cup that lingers like orange juice that hasn’t been shaken or stirred.  That silt is all the crazy stuff that happens in our walk that tests our faith.  If we aren’t careful, if we don’t pour it all out to Him, the bitterness and the anger and the offense sits like silt in our cups.   Those things can  sit there for a long time and never really surface but when you start pouring into others, you will share those things with them and they will take them in and it’s not right. God said to pour it all out and get refilled.  Then Pastor Doug spoke about spiritual junk food and what we “put it”…the message aligned with the word I had felt during worship.  I love when that happens…that flow of the Holy Spirit that is unexplainable except that it is God!

On Saturday, as I wrote to a friend and meditated on the goodness of God and His voice…I hear Him say once again, “It’s time.  Get aligned with Me. It’s time to move.  It’s time to take action.  Get ready.  Walk through every door I open.  Don’t miss your opportunities.  Go!”

What I am trying to say today is God heals.  He doesn’t take 10 years, He can heal you driving down the road as you speak to Him as your spirit calls unto deep; as your spirit makes intercession with groanings that cannot be uttered (see Romans 8).  God has a plan.  He has a plan for your life.  Don’t miss it because you are holding on so tight to an expired word.

So part of my healing, part of my season is God reminding me who He says that I am.  I have a video tape of one of my first messages.  (I hate, hate, hate hearing my recorded voice…it’s so surreal)  It was a women’s meeting in Big Spring, Texas (shout out to all my peeps in Big Spring!).  I didn’t even realize Pastor Greg (Taylor) was videoing me.  The message was about God wanting to speak to us.  It wasn’t long and it wasn’t fancy it was just the Word (the Bible).  Then I asked the ladies to line up if they would like to receive a word from God and I would pray for them.  They all lined up; Every one of them.  It was like 25 or 30 women.  I wasn’t afraid….a little intimidated but my faith was so sure that those women were so special to God and He has something so special to share with them that I had pray for every one of them.  With the help of my little team, I did what I felt called to do.  I thrived.  I felt so alive.  And that is what God keeps reminding me of…”This is who I say you are.  Forget what everyone else says. You are mine and I alone say who you are.”

Who are you?   Who does He say you are?

As John Eldridge says in “Wild at Heart”…”What makes you feel alive?  What the world needs is people who are alive”.

What makes you feel alive?


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