Living on an Expired Word


In my post on Monday (or was it Tuesday?), I used the expression, “Living on an expired word.”  That is such an inaccurate statement in some ways.  You could be “living on an expired word” if you still living on a fully fulfilled word from years ago.  The thing about a word (a specific prophetic word from God for your life) is even if it has come to pass, it can apply to new seasons of your life too.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she had received a word and at the time it was being given, it was being recorded.  She took her recording and transcribed the word on to paper…she told me I had recommended this method to her years ago.  That made me smile because I still do that and I still have prophetic words from years ago that I transcribed so I could meditate on them and the paper is very literally falling apart.  The word is still good.  Not long ago (last month) I pulled that word out and read it again.

If you have been keeping up, one of my themes lately is God reminding me who I am….who He created me to be and the plan He has for me.   That is what one good prophetic word will do.

I don’t believe a word should tell me something new so much as confirm what God has already been impressing up on my heart or telling me Himself in my own prayer time.  A good word should confirm and affirm what you already know.

One of the lines from that word, given so long ago, said, “You are a woman of grace, a woman of substance and a woman of authority”.   Now that I know these things for sure, I have to live them out…that is my responsibility.  A word from God must be responded to.

My friend asked me how long do you wait for a word to be fulfilled?   My answer was “until”…you wait and you wage a good warfare (This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare -I Timothy 1:18).  In my mind waging a good warfare means you remind yourself and you remind God what He said.  He always keeps His word.

On the 4th of July we went out to see the fireworks and met up with some of our friends from our church. It was pretty crowded and one of the vehicles next to us was playing a Journey CD…not just one song but a while Journey fireworks experience.  What is interesting about that is 1. I knew all the songs 2. Now I have this line stuck in my head “Don’t stop believing”.

How fitting.  “Don’t stop believing”…hold onto what God has told you until you see it fulfilled.

You don’t have to stay in a dead place.  By that I mean you don’t have to live there forever.  Sure, we all have seasons in our lives but we don’t have to stay there.  And in those seasons we don’t have to lose faith. If you have been living in a dead place…where no word can grow, then something has to give.  You simply will not grow there.  Dry season cause a tree to put down deeper roots but deserts kill trees.  Consider if you are in a season or in a desert.

That first prophetic word that I have written down (I know I received other prophetic words in the past) also said that I had “been believing that I was just rolling dice and was going to get whatever is left.” That is what I believed more importantly, that is what I believed I deserved.   No matter what I was thinking, God had a plan and He had something in mind that was so much more than “whatever was left”.  While I am special, I am no more special than you are.  God has something incredible planned for you too.  Inquire of Him.  He will show you the way.

Get a fresh word because God has something to say to you today.  Whatever that word is, wage a good warfare with it.  Know who God says that you are and live up to it.


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