Divine Appointments


There is a quote that I’ve heard Oprah say (I’m not sure it’s her quote or someone else’s) she says that “Success is being prepared when opportunity knocks”.  Or I think I’ve heard it said that “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”  I’m not sure I’ve ever been super successful but one day I will be.  No matter what, I want to be prepared when God sends me opportunities.

In the meantime, I want to show up on time to every “Divine Appointment” that God arranges for me.

I have a good friend…I would call her a lifelong friend.  You know the friend you may not see for a while but then when you do see them, you start back where left off.  I stopped by to see her a few weeks ago because I had to take the boy to a doctor’s appointment and we were “in town”.  Then she called me a few days ago  and we talked about a concert the Hubs and I were planning on going to and she decided to join us. I also invited a new friend of mine from church, Kim and she brought her niece and nephew.

We took off from our house tonight with an Expedition full of people.  As you must know by now, the journey is half the fun.  We had a great time and my friends and I found out we all have something in common.  Of course, me and my lifelong friend knew but we didn’t know about Kim’s interest.

Kim had commented that I write on my blog quiet frequently and we all laughed that often it’s at night; late at night.  This is true…it is when the house finally settles down….plus, I am without a doubt a “night” person.  Then we happened to mention a writers conference that we attended and Kim expressed interest.

As it turns out, my new friend Kim does a little writing too.  I thought that I was drawn to her because she prays which is probably one of the reasons (Don’t worry, I also have very good friends I was drawn to because I liked their shoes or they liked my shoes…I consider everyone my friend until they prove otherwise) but we have more in common than just prayer.

By the time the evening was over, we decided to work on our writing and meet up in a few weeks to discuss and share.

I am so EXCITED!  I’ve been wanted to get some writing together for a new book project but I NEED deadlines!!  Seriously!

The thing is, writers love getting together to bounce ideas off of each other…it’s  like a foody in a fine restaurant; we salivate; our creative juices begin to stir up.  When you throw the Holy Spirit into the mix…well, then you get a Narnia and a Lord of the Rings.  (Little known fact, Tolkin and C.S. Lewis were in a writers group together)

I know beyond a doubt that our little roadtrip was more about the journey than the concert and it was more about God connecting people than it was about fun (although it was fun…the most fun I’ve had in a while).  I love it when God’s plan comes together.

Here is to new friendships and old ones and stirring our gifts up!


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