True Love….on Facebook


The Hubs and I are laying in bed watching The Glee Project because it’s somewhat interesting and has some great 80s music.  We were watching another show and it had a couple planning a wedding.  The Hubs said, “We never had those issues.” (fighting about wedding stuff).  Then he said, “You like to cook food and I like to eat.  We are a match made in heaven.”.  Which I laughed at….because it’s one of those cheesey lines you might read on Facebook.  And, I hate to admit it but we ridicule couples who air their love on Facebook.  Yes, dear friends, we make fun of you.  (It’s all in good fun and always completely behind your back).  You know who you are…buy your spouse a card your anniversary.

The Hubs sites post such as:  “Sitting in 5 o’clock traffic, missing my wife.  I haven’t talked in 37 minutes.  I love you babe.  You’re my world.” (some of this post may have been exaggerated to protect the guilty).  Here’s the deal…you live in the same house just tell them.  You don’t have to share every part of your relationship with your 546 friends on Facebook…not to mention all of your spouse’s friends and all the friends of friends.  You can just walk upstairs and tell them how much you appreciate them.  It will mean more as you look in their eyes and tell them not so impersonal as hearing about it on Facebook.

So the Hubs said he is going to post: “Laying in bed next to my wife, missing her.”  So I dared him and he did.

Yep, because were aren’t so boring after all.

By the way…on the anniversary of your first date…even your closest friends are not that interested in knowing about it.  There is a good chance you may be sited with a TMI (too much information) ticket.  And of course we will discuss your cheesiness with one another later to make us feel better about our own lack of Facebook love.



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