Dear Diary…


I failed 7th grade English.

Since we moved, I’ve lost all of our mortgage papers.  There are a couple of papers I need.  Technically, I could print them out BUT, my printer isn’t working.  (Which is a bummer for my couponing hobby).  So I’ve been digging around in the garage looking for the folder.  Still haven’t found it but I did find my 6th/7th grade diary.

It was the 80s.  It was pretty boring and most entries were about boys. The spelling is really bad (THANK You,  GOD for Spell Check and please bless the person who invented it!).  There is a definite improvement in my handwriting from start to finish.

I didn’t read every entry…it was really boring.  Oh, dear.  It reminds me of how immature I was (weren’t we all?).  It cracked me up to.  It was the year of the first “boyfriend” (Shane Teague) and my emotions were so dependent on if I “saw” him that day.  Then there were more crushes….I shall not name names for it may be embarrassing for some one (me).

It is funny to me that I wrote how hard English was and how easy Math was…maybe I should have pursued math instead of English.  I also noted how horrible Speech was for me.  I was so shy then.  I wonder what happened between the ages of 3 and 13 that caused me to be so shy and fearful.  Seriously.  The stories about me when I was three, I was fearless, friendly and free.  Somehow, by the time I was in the 7th grade, I was so shy.  My diary was a little sad.  I remember that Speech class.  I remember thinking that no one was really interested in what I had to say….and I was terrified of speaking to the class.  I remember one speech I presented (I was pretty proud of this one) about allergy shots.  (Hey they say to write about what you know…I applied that to speaking too) It must have been a demonstration speech because I remember giving a shot to an orange.

So how did I fail English?  In hindsight I believe I could have passed if someone had explained some simple things to me.  I don’t blame my teacher, Ms. McDaniel, she had her hands full.  She was a good teacher.  I didn’t understand the basics of conjugating a sentence.  I didn’t understand subjects, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, etc. I had to go to summer school to catch up.  I am pretty sure I was one of the only girls required to attend.

My writing…well, it is pretty straight-forward.  Creativity comes in spurts.  I wish I was more creative.  I was never confident in my creative writing.  I hope to some day write at least one fictitious novel.  I have stories, it is the patience to write monologue  and character development that slow me down.  I’ve read too many books that lacked depth and I know for sure I do NOT want to throw something together.

Maybe I need to start writing in my “Diary” everyday so I can get back into my writing groove.  Here goes:

Dear Diary,

I ate three cookies with my coffee today.  That’s why the size of my butt has gotten completely out of control.  I should go swimming but instead I am writing to you.

The Fire Marshal came by today to do a house inspection.  That and a phone call from my friend, Shelby about Tupperware is the extent of the adult conversation I’ve had. (We passed our fire inspection)

I taught The Boy about circles today.  He colored and got two stickers (because I like him).  He got in trouble for NOT eating his breakfast in a timely manner.  It is time for him to eat lunch but I am tired of fighting with him at every meal.  I think his brain and my brain work in complete opposite ways.  When I was teaching him to draw circles today, I drew from right to left…and he drew from left to right.  This seems like it may be a serious future problem.  I’ll keep you posted.

Maybe I will make myself walk to the mail box in the 102 heat we are having as punishment for the cookies.

By the way, I think The Hubs is super fine.   There is a difference between cute, fine and super fine.  😀  Maybe I will get to see him later and even talk to him and if I am lucky, he will hold my hand.  (Oh, right, we aren’t in 7th grade anymore).

                                                                                             C.B. Grace (I always signed the end of my entry with my fullname…in case I forgot who wrote the entry??)

And that’s how it’s done.  Any of my 7th grade friends want to guess who my secret crushes were??


7 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. So I have received a couple of comments on Facebook….but no one is guessing here. It cracks me up that so many of my friends have already clicked over to read. Maybe I should share more historical private thoughts on here. 😀

  2. Linda Autrey

    Chuck, Tim A., Mark C., Erik K.? Just guessing here, but trying to remember all 10 of the guys at our school. LOL!

    • No Linda, that was you and your ten crushes.. 😀 Haha. Who is Erik K? (I don’t think so).

      Actually, I was pretty committed to my three crushes. Although, Naavic was mentioned in the diary but more because he was always embarrassing me in front of people.

  3. Linda Autrey

    Never had a crush on Joe– that was Tracy. Not Reed, Damon, or Trent, either. James– obviously! And I thought Ross was adorable! Wow! This is a fun trip down memory lane!

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