Decision Points


I’ve been reading Decision Points by George W. Bush (or as we call him at our house “W” which for you non-Texas is pronounced “Dubya”).  I will admit, I’ve had a “secret” crush on him for years and years.  (I question what that says about me).  For years, I worked for the State of Texas first at Texas Department of Transportation then at Department of Human Services and finally at the Texas Water Development Board.  When George W. Bush was the governor, and someone asked me where I worked I would answer, “George Bush is my boss”.  (I know and I’ve been told for someone who is actually a very deep person, I am goofy sometimes.)

I am very much enjoying reading his book about the major decisions he’s made in his life. Much of the book, so far, takes place in West Texas a place I am very familiar with as that is where I met The Hubs.  Each chapter tells his story of some decision he made in his life.  For example, the first chapter is called “Quitting” about his drinking problem and how he quit.

Here are a few good quotes from the beginning of the book.

(Bush tells about a Bible Study He attended in Midland) “What is a prophet?” (the Bible study leader asked) I answered, “That’s when revenue exceeds expenses.  No one has seen one around here since Elijah.”      (This was corny but I laughed – out loud).

“If you haven’t doubted, you probably haven’t thought very hard about what you believe”

“Prayer was the nourishment that sustained me.”

“I could not have quit drinking without faith.  I also don’t think my faith would be as strong if I hadn’t quit drinking.”

“I did know that I felt a calling to run.  I was concerned about the future of the country, and I had a clear vision of where to lead it.”

(about working on his dad’s presidential campaign) “I had no title.  As Dad put it, I already had a good one: son.”

“Proximity to power is empowerment.  Having Dad’s ear made me effective.”

(On running for governor after George H.W. Bush lost the presidential election)  “I could lay out my policies without having to defend his.”

I am sure I will have some more.  Former President Bush is a fun read.  He has actually led a very impressive life from working on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to attending Harvard Business School.  I am hoping to read some interesting stories about “Conde”  (she is definitely one of my heroes).


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