Are You in Austin?


Backstory Conversation:

Mid June

Alice: “I have a wedding in July in San Antonio.  How far is that from you?”

Me: “YEAH!  You are coming to visit.  San Antonio is less than an hour from where we live.”  (I like to count Schertz as the point of entering San Antonio). “You could fly into San Antonio or Austin.  Austin is actually closer.”

Alice:  “Okay.  I’m going to book this flight.  I think I’ll leave San Francisco sometime in the evening.  That will put me there around 1am.”

Me:  “YEAH!!! You’re coming to Texas.  YEAH!!!”  (See the trend?  Already so excited I’m distracted).  “Email me your itinerary.” (see…I recognize my own distraction).

This past Sunday

Alice: “I am buying a house and I am not sure I am going to make my trip.”

Me:  “No, you have to come, I kicked my brother-in-law out so you could use the room.” “What?  No.  You have to come.  I’ve been so excited about your visit.”

Alice:  “I may have to cancel or come later.”

Me:  (now weeping openly and apparently begging*) “You just have to come.  Please.  Please come.”

Alice:  “I’ll call you”  (she’s being elusive).

We went back and forth on the planning phone calls and made plans to spend today in Austin doing “fun stuff” which for us means we will go to the brilliantly and refreshingly cool LBJ Presidential Library.

Friday, July 28th

Now we are text messaging

3:55 p.m.

Alice:  “So I will be coming in tonight.  My flight is slated to arrive at 1am.  Don’t have a rental car lined up so I am depending on you! 🙂 Let me know if that still works for you.  I’ll get a rental to drive to San Antonio”

Me: “my plan is to pick you up.  😀  It’ll be an adventure for me.”

Alice: “If you can’t be there, I’ll rent a car for tonight.”

6:07 p.m Alice’s time.

Alice: “On the plane in Oakland, stopping briefly in Vegas then headed on to see you! Am on southwest #1013”

11:18 p.m.

Me: “I am heading out to pick you up”

(Alice wonders why I am leaving so early to pick her up.)

On a side note, there are no 24 hour Starbucks in our area.  I stopped at three Starbucks on the way…one of them tricked me into thinking they might be open because the chairs weren’t stacked on the table.  I should have stopped by Whataburger for a coffee.

I arrived at the airport and there is no flight #1013 from Las Vegas at 1 a.m.  There is a flight 3017 from Las Vegas at 1 a.m.  I wonder if the flight changed when with the connection.

June 29th, 12:28 a.m.

Me:  “Did the flight number change when you made connection?”

1:07 a.m.

Alice: “I just landed!!”

Me:  “woohoo!!”

Alice: “I don’t have a suitcase we need to wait for so I should be good to go when we get off”

Me: “I figured you wouldn’t but I am in baggage claim anyway.

Alice:  “Where are you?”

The anticipation has overtaken me.  I put away my Kindle and walked to where people were coming down the escalator.   Alice should been one of the first people down…knowing her.  People were trickling down but no Alice.

At this point Alice calls me.  Both of our phone batteries are running low.

Here is that conversation…

Me:  “Where are you?”

Alice:  “I am in baggage claim.  Where are you?”

Me:  “I am in baggage claim.  Which terminal are you in?  I am in terminal ‘A’.”

Alice:  “There is more than one terminal?”

Me: “Yes, there are at least two; ‘A’ and ‘B'”

Alice:  “I am standing right in front of the group of people getting their luggage.  I am wearing a bright blue shirt.  Maybe I don’t recognize  you.”

Me:  “I haven’t changed that much.  Is your hair still blond?”  (something you usually don’t ask your friends…”Did you change your hair color?” and I was seeing only very dark haired girls).

Alice:  “No.  I am in front of baggage claim 4.”

Me:  “You must be in a different terminal.  There is no baggage claim “4” here.  Everyone is at baggage claim 3.”

I hear Alice asking an employee if there are other terminals. (She told me later that the employee looked at her like she was crazy.)

Alice:  “There are no other terminals here.”

Me:  “That lady is crazy, there are at least two because I am looking at a sign that says ‘Terminal A’.”

Alice:  “Are you in Austin?”

Me:  “Are you in Austin?!?!!”

Alice:  “Yes.”

Me:  “Girl, you are not in Austin.  You are kidding me, right?  You are NOT in Austin!”

At this point I am certain she is hiding and going to jump out at any point and “surprise” me.

Alice:  “I am in Austin”.

Me:  “Crap! I am in San Antonio”.

Then of course we had the “This is crazy” conversation.  Alice decides to rent a car and meet me at our house in Buda.  I was able to exit the airport and get on the road while she rented a car.  There was a good chance she would get to my house only a few minutes before me.  Since the battery on my phone was going out, I gave her my address and The Hubs’ phone number, hung up and turned my phone off just in case I needed it before I got home.  Alice called The Hubs because “Black Cat Run” (not our street name) was not in her navigation app.   The Hubs gave her direction that included, “Take the exit past Cabella’s” (like she knows what that is) and something about flags.  Yet somehow, she managed to find our subdivision.

When I arrived home at approximately 2:31 a.m. (I fought the urge to stop at the three Whataburgers I passed along the way because by now, I am also starving), Alice had not made it.  I beat her to my house. I was certain she was lost in the woods since directions to our house are similar to directions to the Batcave.  I plugged my phone into the charger and called her.  She had made her way to our subdivision.

Finally….at 2:45 a.m.  in her rented car from Avis (Thank God for Avis, since it was the only car rental place still open in the AUSTIN airport) Alice rolled up to our house.

Thus one question will be burned into my memory (and hopefully I will never make this mistake again), “Are you in Austin??”

*Some of this story may have been exaggerated for entertainment purposes.  But mostly it is all true.  Text messages are completely accurate.


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