As we pass through this life, passions change.  Perhaps some people are more passionate than others.  Or perhaps some people just express passion in different ways.

Or perhaps passion dissipates.

People will wreck everything for passion.  They will ruin their family, their careers, everything they have worked for to fulfill a passion or recapture a youthful passion.

On the way to meet with our church tonight, I was telling the Hubs that I’ve always surrounded myself with people who were/are passionate about Jesus Christ.  Then upon thinking about it, I realize that maybe it wasn’t so much that they were passionate about Jesus as it was once they spent time hanging out with me, they became more passionate.  Because passion is contagious.  Yet, I haven’t felt all that passionate in recent years.

Lately, I’ve felt that my passion is run down…dissipating.  I’ve considered the generation that has gone before me and thought, “maybe I am just getting old.” (how dreadful!!!)  I want to recapture that passion.  I wish I could bottle the passion I once had.  It’s not that I believe my passion is gone.  I have always been and always will be a passionate person….it’s my nature.  I would make the excuse that life has gotten busy and I have so much going on but the TRUTH; the bottom line is I have not invested the time I once invested in the things I am called to do.

To understand how passionate I am about Jesus is to understand, I have moved across the country and back again because I felt called to do it.  One only does something like that when they are completely sold out to their cause (I hate to reduce my belief in Jesus to a mere “cause”).   Prayer so consumed me that I spent years of my life writing a book on the topic.  My heart for women, young and old has taken here and there just to speak to a word and stir their hearts.  I know what it means to live a passionate life for Jesus Christ.

In a previous post, I mentioned a writing group with two of my friends.  There is a topic I’ve been working on (in draft mode) that I want to write about.  It is a topic I am passionate about; something I feel “called” to.   I am scared.  It will require personal revelations that may disappoint some people in my life; I am going to have to own some stuff.   Just thinking about it makes me nervous.  Yet that nervous feeling also sparks something in me; something akin to passion.

Tonight we were watching the Awakening Conference (live)  that is going on in Chicago.  Banning Liebscher brought the word.  It is a message worth hearing at least twice.  He referenced Matthew 22:16 when Jesus says “Many are called but few are chosen”. He explained it like this, “God calls many but the chosen are those who answer the call.”  He went on to say many, many insightful and anointed things.

But as I think about my life and my calling, I can only think that I must answer this call too.  Because when God calls, it is more of a series of connected events.  He calls us from glory to glory as it were.

Banning also said that when God calls us, He calls all of us and God doesn’t barter.  This isn’t American Pickers we cannot get God to lower the price.  That’s why Jesus said to count the cost (Luke 14:28).  It’s an “all or nothing” deal with God.  His plan is to get all of us so He can reveal His glory through us.

I also know that there has been quiet a bit of negotiating going on, on my end with God.  Time is up.  Even though I have answered the call in the past, it is once again time to answer….


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