A few weeks ago, we were in Harper, Texas at the Wild Ride Ministries Church.  If you happen live anywhere near there (Fredricksburg, Kerrville, etc) this church is worth the drive.  (Once a good ole boy out here invited us to his church in Lockhart -about 35 minutes from where we live- and told us, “A church alive is worth the drive”).  It kind of cracked us up as one of those “religious” slogans that people like to throw around because it rhymes.   In this case, it’s true.

Pastor Mike Weaver said something in his message about honor.  I don’t want to misquote him but it was to the effect that if you cannot give honor then you won’t receive honor.  I’ve been meditating on that little tidbit for a while now.

Tonight, we met with our church to watch Jesus Culture’s Awakening Conference.  We have been watching all week.  (I am so excited to be part of a church that is humble enough and wise enough to take part in something like this. They were willing to say, this is good ministry and we want to make it available to everyone in our congregation not just to the pastors.  They have plugged Legacy Church into THE CHURCH which means we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves!  That is exciting!)  Tonight was the last night.   The speaker was Bill Johnson.  I am not sure what his official title is but without a doubt he is a spiritual father in the Kingdom.  Keeping in mind, this conference was geared toward young people and youth pastors.   His topic tonight was HONOR; one thing that seems to be completely lacking in this generation.

It blew me away. It took the statement that Pastor Mike had mentioned in his message of Fatherhood and blew it wide open.

He laid out how Jesus began His ministry by reading from Isaiah, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…”  And how those present at the reading, recognized it was a prophetic word; a word from God.  God had not spoken in over 400 years.  It stirred them.  Yet, they reminded themselves of who Jesus’ father was (Joseph).  They saw Jesus as the son of men instead of the Son of God.   Jesus ended up saying about His home town that “they who receive a prophet in the name of prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward”   He talked about honoring the Holy Spirit in others and the reward that comes with doing that.  He said that the answer to our problem or issue maybe standing right next to us but because we do not recognize the gifts (the Holy Spirit) in others we do receive our answer/healing, etc.  He said it is time that we stop simply tolerating each other and begin celebrating each other.

I took about seven pages worth of notes so this his just a little “taste” of the highlights as I remember them (notes are in the car). It helps me sort out some of my thoughts about the message and helps me retain!!

Here’s a big one.  We must stop recognizing the gift only to minimize it by pointing out a weakness (yes, I’ve been known to do this and I’m stopping).  For example: “They can prophecy to here and back but don’t ask them to administrate anything”.   Just honor the gift without pointing out the weakness.  We all have weaknesses (having a weak area is not the same as living in sin). We are all in progress.  Proverbs 10:22 says, “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.”  That’s how our honor should be; a blessing without sorrow.

Another nugget…He said, I do not ask people to wait until their character is cleaned up for them to serve.  That will happen.  If I did this it would turn the gifts of God into a “reward” rather than a gift.   Honor the gift.  (Wow!  I cannot tell you how often I’ve been disqualified because someone didn’t like my personality)

Quote of the night may have been, “Anyone can flatter but honor comes out of humility”

Then again…I think this was my favorite, “If you don’t know how to give honor you’ll not know how to receive honor. And if you don’t know how to receive honor you’ll have nothing to throw at His feet.”

He said, when people honor you, graciously receive it.  Even if you know it was “all God” receive it and take that honor to your secret place and give it all back to Him.  (what a beautiful picture).

On the way home, I told the Hubs there are some people in our lives I want to honor. I may be spending some of my “writing time” writing letters to family members and friends.

Thank you faithful readers for reading this “thrown together” blog written in the wee hours of the morning.   You all have encouraged me so much along the way.  Everywhere I go, I have people come up and say, “I read every one of your blogs”.  I cannot describe to you how encouraging that is to me.  Thank you for seeing the gift in me.


2 thoughts on “Honor

  1. I have enjoyed your blog for a while now. You really have grasped the culture and the heart of Bill Johnson and Bethel. I just recently visited there for a leadership conference and it is the real deal. I too appreciate when other churches and cultures take time to honor one another by paying attention. Sis you are on track to experience a real move of God. Also, the best writing is done in the wee hours of the night or morning and when we have just received a very powerful download from God. Be blessed. Looking forward to reading more.

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