We were going to a church in San Marcos and things were not going well.  Let’s just leave it at that.  After a series of very negative encounters, I needed a break.  Yes, you heard me right, I needed a break from church.  Sad.  It happens.  Any situation in which you are dealing with people has the potential to make you feel like you need a break.  I told the Hubs, “I can’t breathe here.”   So we took a break.  But we are not the kind of people who can “miss” church on Sunday.  We just aren’t.  If we are alive, and not camping in the wilderness or something crazy like that, we go to church.  (I have a whole backstory as why I don’t miss church that is another blog)   The Hubs likes the ARC organization (Association of Related Churches) and he had read about a new church plant in our hometown (since we bought a house…it’s our “hometown” now).  He told me it is a church plant (we were not church shopping but we like church plants because we want to be builders) out of Victory Church.  The only Victory Church I was familiar with was in Austin.  I wasn’t so sure about going there.  We went because I am really submitted to my husband like that. (Anyone who knows me and the Hubs knows that while I am a submitted wife, I am also not the least bit shy about telling him what I really think.)

About half way through the worship service, I heard God say, “Breathe”.  I turned to the Hubs and I said, “I can breathe.”   About 67 seconds later, the worship leaders says, “Just breathe in God today.”  Confirmation!

After the service, we met a bunch of people whose names all ran together.  They were nice.  They were from Colorado???  Almost the whole bunch of them were from Colorado.  By faith they moved down here to Texas to plant a church.  They were not from Austin but from out west.  When they moved to Texas they decided on the name Legacy (click for  more information).

Today, I was thinking about what Legacy means to me and here’s the short list:










Breathing in the Spirit of God is once again becoming the “norm”  in my life.  By that I mean, there was a time that I couldn’t live without God’s Spirit..it was air to me.  And it should be and I want it to be.  As you climb a mountain, you don’t realize as you get higher that there is less and less oxygen in the air.  In our lives, there are times we do not even realize that the Holy Spirit is getting thinner and thinner.   On the mountain, you just feel like you cannot catch your breath.  The same thing happens spiritually, you just get to this place and you do not realize that you aren’t able to catch your spiritual breath.  Then you walk in somewhere, where the Holy Spirit is free to move and is thick in the air, and breathe it in and realize that you what’s been missing.  Suddenly, that Breathe of God is reviving the old dreams and the gifts in you begin to stir and before you know it like the fire that so desperately needed oxygen to continue to burn is ignited and you are consumed once again.

Our pastor said on Sunday that Legacy is going to be known by what we are “for” not what we are “against”.  I like that.  We are going to be a Legacy!


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