In His Image


It is interesting to me that when God created man He said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”  (Genesis 1:26) and He did. He made us in His image.

Man’s one desire has always been to be like God.  That is how Eve was tempted.  Satan told her, “…you will be like God” (Genesis 3:5) if you eat the fruit.  She wanted to be like God so she did it.

I recall John Ragsdale saying the Bible is all about God’s relationship with man; the Old Testament is about God trying to get man into Him and the New Testament is about God getting Himself into man. Wow.

Man’s struggle has always been that we desire to be “godlike”.  The revelation is, we have always been “godlike” because He created us in His image and then He breathed into us.  He is in our DNA.  We don’t have to struggle to be “like” God, we just have to “be”.    It’s all the “other” stuff that destroys God’s image in us.  When we say, we want to be “whole” what we are really describing is a return to our God image.  Our DNA cries out to be reunited with God.

Man messed up his whole God image in the garden what with eating the fruit and basically not trusting God and believing that God was “holding out on us”.  We damaged our relationship with Him.  And we continue to damage that relationship.  Our poor choices and repeated disobedience to Him create a chasm that we cannot repair.  God had a plan for that too.  He sent Jesus to repair the breach in the relationship.  Then Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to repair the God image in us.

God did all that for us because our deepest desire is to be like Him.  In the book of Psalm it says that “God gives us the desires of hearts” (Psalm 37:4).  He puts desires in us so He can fulfill those desires.  There are so many passages about how God satisfies the desires of the soul (look it up!). In Psalm 145, the Bible says, “You open up your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”  If you are alive, God is opening up His hand to you to satisfy you.

In our quest to be “godlike” we pursue control, knowledge, power, etc believing those things will make us like God.  Those are illusions for one can never have “enough” power (ask Hitler) and no one can have enough knowledge (who can know EVERYTHING?) and no one is really in control (ask the mother who lost a child to cancer.).  God may allow the illusion for a while  but eventually, we find we are not smart enough or quick minded enough to really maintain these things.  To really be “godlike” we must tap into who God is.  To tap into who He is, we must know Him.  Not just on a knowledge level but we must get to know His heart; we cannot only know about Him but we must know and be known by Him; relationship.  It all circles back to relationship.  If you want to be like God, you must deeply know Him and that only happens through time spent developing and investing in the relationship.

One of the great things about God is, He is passionately pursuing you.  His desire for you is similar to your own desire….He wants to make you whole.  He wants to restore His image in you!


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