Momlog 29, 2011; School Days


The boy went to “school” today. He is only 3 and seems so little to anywhere without a parent.  They asked if I would like to put him on the bus.  Heck, no!  I’m not putting my little guy on a bus!

My sister’s little girl is in the same class.  They only have class a couple of times a week for two hours.

The Hubs went into work later than usual today to help out a co-worker which meant we could both go drop the boy at school (and then have a rare breakfast date).

He wanted very badly to wear his backpack.  We have been talking about it since I bought it last week.  It is black with red, orange and yellow flames coming up from the bottom.  It was filled with crayons (“colors” for you southerners – I am told “up north” they don’t call them “colors”), paper plates, wiggle eyes, coffee filters and six purple glue sticks.

When we got to school, I put the backpack  back on him and held his hand as we walked into school.  I ran into another mom I met at speech class I took last summer, her child is also in his class.  They brought in the children from the bus and the class of seven was complete.  Several of the other children are already 4 years old and this is their second year so our barely 3 year olds looked very little (in his new 2T outfit).  The Hubs asked how he ended up in a class with a bunch of football players.  I laughed.  I told him, they were pretty small but most likely they were almost 2 years older than the boy.

As we waited, his teacher came walking down the hall with my niece; who was the first one to arrive.  She was so happy to see us and went right to the Hubs, who is one of her favorite people.  Then she and the boy held hands.  The teacher asked the children to line up.  I almost laughed.  Our kids do not know how to “line up”.  The older kids formed a perfect line, leaving the boy and the niece were in the back.  They were suppose to walk down the blue tiles of the hallway to their classroom.  I laughed as I watched the boy weave his way down the hall, pretending he was flying (somewhat like Superman but more like an airplane).  The teacher took his hand, he looked back at us, violently jerked his hand away from her and continued weaving.  She had to reign him in. My niece wasn’t staying on the blue line either…oh well.

The boy is normally pretty calm but he spent the weekend with Sam and Devri and I think they were bad influences.  (haha….Jen…I’m kidding, although, he has been talking up a storm since hanging out Devri).

When we picked them up, his teacher told me that he didn’t do very good during rug/reading time.  He didn’t want to stay on the rug.  They thought he wasn’t going to do well when they sat at the table to color but he did great at that.  It seemed kind of crazy to me because 1. we read all the time and 2. We often work on puzzles, books or coloring for 45 minutes at a time.

On the way home (both children went home with me), I asked them what they learned.  They had a lot to say but I didn’t understand any of it.   Now they are asleep….about two hours earlier than their normal “summer” schedule. I have a feeling, the boy is going to become more “grown” now.

No, I didn’t cry as he “flew” down the hallway.  Maybe when he goes to kindergarten.


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