What I did today…


This is what I did today in between cleaning.  Or maybe I cleaned between doing this.

This is for The Boy’s room.  He loves it and talked me constantly as I finished it up.  I had to tell him it would need to dry before we hang it up.

Here’s how I did it…

Blank Canvas

Started with a blank canvas.  I printed and cut out large letters in various fonts.

Next, I taped the letters onto contact paper (the kind you line drawers with).  Be sure to tape them on “wrong” side if you are cutting from the back of the paper.

Using acrylic paint, which I diluted with some water I painted the entire canvas leaving brush “lines” on the canvas.

Allowed that to dry for an hour (as per the paint instructions) and completed cutting out the letters….and cleaned a little.

Laid out the letters and then stuck them onto the canvas.

Next, painted over the entire canvas and letters with “Cardinal Red” (not diluted) paint.

While the paint was still wet, I began removing the letters.

After removing the letters, I lightly brushed over them…


This little project was the “warm up” for a piece I am going to do for the Hub’s Music Room.  That one will be much larger and I needed a plan.

I am definitely going to invest in some better paint brushes.


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