Momlog 30; 2001 No more Pull-ups


After 30 days of throwing away dry Pull-ups in the morning, I decided I am not going to spend any more money on Pull-ups.  That has been working for us.  The Boy had already been napping accident-free for months.

Yesterday morning, I woke him up and he was sleeping in pee.  How can anyone sleep in that?  I don’t know but he was asleep.  I had a waterproof mattress protector on so it all went into the washer.

I couldn’t blame the boy…I had allowed him to drink Pepsi (he is very rarely allowed to have soda) with his dinner which resulted in him running around like a maniac with his cousins which resulted in the Hubs giving him a glass of water before bed.  (Something that I usually closely monitor).  Then the Hubs put him to bed and sometimes between the two of them, they sometimes forget to go potty.  I’m not saying that is what happened but sometimes it does.

The real issue wasn’t so much the bed-wetting; it happens some times…sure, it doesn’t usually happen to us.  It was Sunday morning and now the boy needed to get a shower and I still needed a shower.  I had not scheduled time for to bathe the boy.  It is craziness like this that causes us to barely get to church on time.   Then we were rushing around like crazy.

We did make it to church…Yeah!

I haven’t changed my mind about the Pull-ups.  I have decided that the first 3 years of a child’s like is primarily defined by the pooping and the peeing.   And the main goal of a mom is to get the child to the point that they can wipe their own butt by the time they go to school (My sister and my friend Esther told me this…since they have school age children).

Good luck all you new moms and want-to-be mom.  Buy the good wet wipes they will save you some grief in the end.



One thought on “Momlog 30; 2001 No more Pull-ups

  1. Aunt Judy

    The boy is doing great he just turned three years old. GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT. I recall a little girl who lost it at times like the grocery store floor. She turned out pretty good. He’s making you wonderful memories for you to hug on to some day. Stand strong!!!

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