Good Ground


Hi friends, family and faithful readers.  I wanted to let you all know about an opportunity to bless and support someone close to my heart.

This is my brother-in-law, Mark.

He’s the tall one in the back.

Mark is an incredible person.   He is one of the most faithful men of God I know.  You can see from the picture he is married to my lovely sister and they have two beautiful children.  Mark and Judy have made many sacrifices over the years for their love for God, faith, their church and their family.  They helped start the church they currently serve in and along with working as small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, financial counselors and whatever else they are asked to do, Mark serves in the media ministry.  He is by far one of the very best video guys I know.  (Seriously, for our wedding he filmed and edited a video of entire wedding and it is priceless!).    A few months ago, their pastor came to them and asked Mark if he would accompany a small group to Nigeria on a 10-day mission trip.   After discussing it with his family, he said “Yes.”    Keeping in mind, they are a “one income” family and the money to do this would have to be taken from savings (aka children’s education fund).   If ever there was a cause worth contributing to, this is a good one.

If you would be interested in contributing, please send me an email or post a comment and I’ll send you information on how to contribute (via PayPal).  You can also contribute directly to the trip (for all those who are going) here.  Be sure to specify it is for the Nigeria missions trip.

Or if you are friends and family…then go ahead and give Mark or Judy one of those “Holy handshakes” (you know the kind that have a check or cash in them).

Yes, I know I am directly asking for those of you who know Mark and Judy think about giving something…every little bit counts and if everyone who knows them, has been to their Promise group, has had a child in their Sunday School class (that they have taught for 5 or 6 YEARS!), or anyone who has worked with them would give $5 or $10 the trip and expenses would be covered.  Believe me, Mark and Judy would NEVER directly ask anyone to sow into this but I would!  Because I believe that God finances His Kingdom and we now have the opportunity to be part of that.

And please pray for their team and trip as they travel in October.



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