Hopes and Dreams


A few days ago the Hubs and I were having a chat with a friend of ours.  I would describe her as single with a desire to get married and have a family.

She said something that I’ve heard soooo, sooo many Christians say about so many things in their lives.  Don’t get me wrong, this young woman is a a woman of God (that’s like a godly woman but on steroids…which means she isn’t just reading her Bible,  her life is the Word in action) and I am not saying she is “wrong”.  And I’m not saying I know the intents of her heart exactly…in other words, she may have said it in this way but it wasn’t exactly how she meant it.  Basically, she said, “I would like to get married but I’ve really given that over to God and laid that down.”  She went on to describe a time when she felt she had put the whole thing on the alter before God.  To my ears it sounded like she had given up hope.  It pierced me because there was a time in my life when I almost gave up hoping for the Hubs.

God NEVER asks us to give up hope only to place that hope in Him that He is on our side and He is working in our behalf for our best interest.  Maybe we need to say that everyday, “God loves me, He is on my side and He is working on my behalf for my best interest.

When it came to marriage, the older I got the more picky I became.  I stopped dating people who I recognized as “not on the same path” as me.  If I went out with someone and I was not attracted to them, I didn’t go out with them anymore; those men became friends.  Why? Because my hope in Him and I believed that He had someone specific in mind for me.  I believe He knows me better than I know myself and He knows what I need and I what I desire.    I believe His Word which says, “You open Your hand And satisfy the desire of every living thing.”  (Psalm 145:16).

Sometimes, especially for those in ministry, it is easy for us to hope and believe and have enormous faith for everyone else but we somehow think that we get whatever is “left over”.  I vividly remember a trip I took to Christian International.  It was my first trip there.  I attended a Prophetic Training Class (level one).  It was an incredible week.  My faith was stretched and increased but the entire week, I “worried” about the prophetic ministry at the end of the week.  They place you with a team of seasoned prophets who  pray over and minister to you.  This is recorded and given to you to pray about and meditate on.  To be perfectly honest I didn’t think I was going to get a “good” word.  Which in hindsight I would say, any prophetic word (I am talking true word of God) is good by it’s very nature.  If I recall, I was the last person in my group to be ministered (which was confirming my “I get whatever is left” belief) in the prophets first few words he said, “God says you do not get what is left over…” (then I was crying)  And the word that followed was a great word that I still re-read from time to time.  Many people in ministry or perhaps not in ministry but just people who have had some rather tough times in life, feel as if they are an “after thought” with God or that God has some “thrown together, last minute” plan for them.

To these people I say, that same love of God, that same personal, specific, love of God you have taught about, preached about, written about, shared with others….it is for you too!  You aren’t last place, you are not an after thought.  You are the apple of God’s eye.   He has a special plan for you.  In fact, His plan for you is so good that it has taken a little longer to prepare.

“Laying something on the alter” or “Giving something to God” doesn’t mean you lose the desire or you give up hope on it.  It just means you believe God for it rather than attempting to “make it happen” yourself.  It means you still desire it and you believe that God loves you so much that He has a special plan for you.  It means you pray about it but you do not put all your energy and thoughts into it.  You stop idolizing the dream; the ideal and you walk with God.

If I had trusted what I saw in the natural in regard to “getting married”, I probably would have given up hope.  I went from a sea of fish (Austin, TX – very high “single per capita ratio) to a lake (Mobile, Alabama) to a little pond (in West Texas called Big Spring).  In the physical,  my chances were getting slimmer but with God…ALL things are possible! I met the Hubs in Big Spring, Texas.

Our current dream is to start our family.   I got pregnant and then I lost that baby.  That was two years ago.  We do not just “hope” we KNOW that God is working on our behalf in this situation.  We KNOW that He has promised us children.  No, I am not tracking everything.  No, I am not going to the doctor every month.  Yes, my eggs are getting old.  😀  Who cares?  Sarah had a baby when she was old….and I’m not old.

Do not let anyone rob you of your hopes and dreams.  Sure there are times when you put a dream on the back burner and wait for God. Don’t give up.  When you give up your hope, you are really saying you do not believe God loves you the way He loves everyone else.  And He does.  He has a plan for you.

Or maybe you believe God wants you to be miserable.  He gave you a desire for something so He could dangle it like a carrot in front of you and if you are “good enough”, “perfect enough” or “do enough” then He will work things out for you.   Does that sound like an abundant life to you?  Jesus, the Word made flesh (John 1) said, “I came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.”  He came to fill us with joy.  He knows what brings a smile to your face and He loves seeing you smile.  He’s a perfect Father. You are enough.  Let me repeat that…God says, “you are enough”. He loves you where you are right now, today.  You do not have to “do” anything for Him to love you more.

Believe again that you are God’s favorite and He has incredible things stored up especially for you.  Timing is everything with God.  That’s why our obedience to what He tells us is especially important….so we will be in the “right” place at the “right” time.

Dream again dear readers.


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