Momlog 31; 2011 Time out for your mouth


If you have followed my momlog, you know our little guy has had some issues with his speech.  Basically, when he arrived here, he had only one word and although he used it appropriately, it is NOT a word we use in our house.

After spending a few days visiting my sister and my two-year-old niece, Devri, he found his words….ALL of them.  Now, from the moment he wakes up in the morning, he talks.  He talks and talks and talks.  And often he talks very loudly (no doubt he got this from me).

I find myself saying, “Use your inside voice”.  After a trip to Homegoods last week, I found myself saying, “Let’s have a timeout for your mouth.  Give it a break.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy he’s talking but now I can’t get a word in edgewise.  He is also charming everyone he meets.  Seriously,  women at the store were talking to me, asking how old he is, etc.

It has made me think about how God must view us sometimes.  He must sometimes think (or even say), “Please give your mouth a time out.”  I know without a doubt, there have been times in my life, and sometimes even now, when I talk more than I listen.  God must really think….”You are cute and I love you but please be quiet for a while.”

Today, for some reason, I had a headache (I am pretty sure it is allergy related an a “cool front” is going to come in…I say “cool front” because it will mean our temperatures will drop down to the 80s rather than the high 90s we have been experiencing.).  I had my niece, Ellie and the Boy here and they were just having fun and all I could think was, “I need a nap.”   They were vying for my attention.  “Mamma, watch.”  (jumping over a pillow).  “Gracey, watch.”  (jumping over a pillow).  Ellie is a sweet girl, until she gets tired then she become a little uncooperative….not with me, she refused to share and or include the Boy in what she’s doing.   Which means I also have to mediate that…  The good thing was, they went right down for a nap….ah, quiet finally.

Now, this week, let’s all take a “time out for our mouth” and just listen for God’s voice.


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