First, I’ve been reading my friend, Kim’s blog (click here).  She is a great writer with an incredible testimony…so read her stuff.  Y’all know, I am not big on endorsements although, if anyone wants to pay to advertise on my blog, I would probably go for that. (haha).  It might be helpful to know why, what jumped out at me today, jumped out at me.

I am also working on a message for the Sticky Preaching class I am taking, even though my message delivery date is not until the end of October.  They have been teaching on how to study passages and how to find the Greek meanings of words and the I suppose looking for the deeper messages in the Bible.  I like to study how I like to study so I haven’t quiet gotten to the Greek yet.  To be honest, the Greek intimidates me. I think it goes back to a high school Latin class I took.  My accent is decidedly Texan and was only made worse by living in Alabama for five years.  I am not “good” at speaking other languages (the Hubs is trying to teach me some Spanish).  My high school Latin teacher once made me stand on my chair and read Winnie the Pooh in Latin.  I was terrified.  If ever there was a time in my life when I was introverted it was high school.  I had forgotten the incident when one of my friends reminded me of it recently.  She said she thought it was so mean of him to force me to do that.  On the other hand, I hear Beth Moore use Greek terms (and she’s as Texan as they come…actually, I have friends who say I sound like her) and it seems to work for her.  So far, I am avoiding the Greek.  My system is a little different and I tend to think it works for me even though I haven’t exactly had anyone beating down my door lately to deliver a message.  Perhaps I am better at writing than talking even though I love to talk.

This morning, our Chick-fil-a was serving free breakfast.  Thank you for your sticky mini-chicken biscuits!!  So I took the Boy and my trusty Thompson Chain reference Bible (that I love…that my friend Jennifer McClure Middleton the 5th -kidding, it just sounds like a very proper name that would be in a family for years and years.  Why is it that boys gets named after their dads but few people ever name their daughters after the mom?  Something is wacky there- purchased for me as a gift years ago).  The Boy ate his biscuits which he loved and went to play on the playroom  and I had a chance to go into my nest step of studying the assigned text (speaking on a text someone else assigned…that’s new for me.  I usually pick something I am really passionate about and write or speak on that).  We were each assigned a miracle of Jesus out of the gospel of Mark.  My next step was to see if the other disciples recorded said miracle in their gospels and what their perspectives were.

As I was reading in Luke chapter 8 verse 47, “Now when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling; and falling down before Him, she declared to Him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched Him and how she was healed immediately.” because of Kim’s post yesterday, the word, “hidden” jumped out at me.   Matthew (chapter 9) and Mark (chapter 5) do include this miracle in their account but they do not say anything about her hiding.  Mark did say she was fearful and trembling.   Here she was in a crowd of people and she thought she could go get her miracle and walk away without anyone knowing.  She thought she could remain anonymous.  Maybe she wanted to, her condition was private.  Technically, she probably should not have been there. Because of her condition and according to Jewish tradition she was “unclean”.   She was bleeding.  She was bleeding so heavily that when she was healed she knew it immediately.  She didn’t have to go check it out.  She could feel the blood flow had stopped.  How embarrassing to admit to a crowd of people and to the Son of God that you had this condition.  Sure, we can see where God is glorified in the situation but how embarrassing for her.  Perhaps she thought (as I would because as the Hubs likes to tell me, I over-think things) that from now on, people will think of me as the woman who had that “issue”.  When they see me instead of thinking of me as I am they will remember only that negative thing about me from my past.  Maybe some people will.

I’ve been thinking about a friend who has an incredible testimony.  She lived an addicted lifestyle for years…drugs and everything else that goes along with the drugs.  (Yes, there is so much more than just “drugs” when it comes to addition.  As Chuck Swindoll says, “Sin will always take your farther than you wanted to go and cost you more than you counted on” – that may be grossly misquoted).   Very few people know.  She has been hiding for years.  Why?  I am not completely sure. I think “shame has got her tongue” (I think that is a “Kim” quote.

We all have things we feel ashamed of.  And certainly there are things we have done in our lives that we should not treat nonchalantly.  As Christians we do not want to glorify or take lightly the sin we committed or those things committed against us.

Graham Cook distinguishes between over-coming the enemy and exacting revenge upon the enemy.  He said, “Revenge upon the enemy is not just getting delivered but putting a hand down and helping someone else get delivered…that is REVENGE on the enemy!”

I myself have been “stuck” when it comes to my writing because my current project is writing a book about being single.  And there are some delicate topics I want to write about without dishonoring my family or my husband. Hiding to avoid truth isn’t the answer.  Hiding to avoid what others will say or believe isn’t the answer. I WANT REVENGE!  I want to help others overcome what God delivered me from and has brought me through.

Just like Jesus called the woman with the issue of blood out of her hiddeness we are also called out of hiddeness.

Living a delivered, healthy life is beautiful but go out and execute REVENGE on the enemy as well.  Don’t let shame stop you from getting your revenge!




2 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Such a keen insight – and you’re right, as Christians (let aside how the world operates), we tend to shoot our wounded…or remember “that issue” as you so aptly put it. May we rise above such petty behaviors and truly love like Christ.

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