Momlog 32, 2011; Power Naps


Power nap:  Short recharging nap.  Bad for toddlers, good for moms.

So I love, love, love power naps when I get one.  But I hate, hate, hate them when my toddler/preschooler gets one.  When he gets one, he is completely recharged but completely lacks wisdom.

Power naps often happen in the car on the way home from anywhere.  I try to stop them…almost anything to wake the boy up until we get home.  Last summer, I was even known to wake the boy up by impromptu baptisms (I would sprinkle him with water).  He wasn’t very fond of that method and some of my friends, while they thought it was funny also thought it was a little “mean”.  Of course they didn’t have to deal with a child who was wide awake and openly defiant.  Many of my friends are like me as far as parenting goes…pretty tough so when they say that it might be a little “mean” I have to consider it.  My latest method is singing…really loud singing.

The other day I woke up with an “old school” Pentecostal song on my mind.  They words are, “Coming down, down, down, coming down, down, down, the glory of the Lord is coming down.  When the saints begin to pray for the Lord to have His way, the glory of the Lord is coming down.”  This little tune is quiet popular with three year olds.  He actually sang it with me.  That one and “This Little Light of Mine”…which he loved the line, “hide it under a bushel, NO!  I’m going to let it shine”.  I have to think of some better kid songs.  I only remember a few and only a few of the words to those.  For example, I know part of “Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee” and part of “Peanut, peanut butter, JELLY!”.

I am enjoying this age in many ways.  I’m having fun with our little sponge.  The first scripture his is learning is, “God has not given me a spirit of Fear, but power, love and a sound mind.”  I’ve been teaching him that because he has been going around saying, “I scared” or “Scary”.  There are some very real things he could fear in his life…fake spiders are not one of them.   He is also learning the Pledge of Allegiance even though he cannot actually say “allegiance” or “nation” (for that matter).

He is now napping for real since we avoided the power nap.  Which means, I need to get a power nap.



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