Sister Time


My sister “surprise visited” us this week.  Well, I was in on the surprise.  This is the first time I have been able to “host” her at my house.  I love it.  It’s a great excuse to buy snacks I wouldn’t normally buy (Strawberry Milanos from Pepperidge Farms).

We were chatting today about a class she took recently at her church about inner healing.  Which lead to me telling her about a recent incident.  See, sisters are therapeutic.  I really do not know how people without sisters make it through life.  I was telling her that a friend of ours from church, came up to the Hubs and I after a service.  She said something to the effect, “I’ve never done this before…” (she seemed uncomfortable)  The Hubs and I (both) immediately thought we had done something to offend her.  We really like her and our desire is not to offend her or anyone else for that matter.  She went on to ask us to pray for her.  Which almost made me cry.  On the way home, I told the Hubs that my mind immediately jumped to the conclusion that we had done something wrong or offensive.  He agreed that he too had, had that thought.  We both agreed this was NOT healthy.  However, this has been our recent church experiences.  Seriously.  We love our new church.  We feel comfortable (not like “old shoe” comfortable but “at home” comfortable).  In many ways, due to past experiences we have had to make the decision to trust our new church family.  It has been deliberate.  We will “think the best”, “believe the best” and “expect the best”.  They have constantly and repeatedly proven they are worthy of our trust.  I have been happy.  I know this because I do not want to “miss” a Sunday.   There have been some church situations I have been in when I went out of town so I could “take a break” because going to church was so stressful.  In any case, the whole incident was a wake up call that there is still some healing that needs to take place. Jenny said in her class they were taught there are two ways we change either repeatedly hearing a message (listening to a CD repeatedly or taking a class several times) or an intense emotional experience (like an encounter with God…which I prefer…it always seems faster and easier but sometimes God requires the repeated listening method).

Later this afternoon, we were spending time at my sister, Judy’s house.  They recently purchased a rather large trampoline for their kiddos and my nephew, Evan wanted us to see him jump.  We took our little ones out to jump and we decided (after I interrogated Judy as to whether the trampoline would actually endure my jumping) to join them.  We jumped until we had headaches.  We played “crack the egg”.  We played “popcorn”.  (I just took some Tylenol too).  We had had so much fun.

The thing about sisters is, they are the people who know you best.  They have known you skinny they have known you fat.  They have known you happy, sad, angry, joyful…they have known your very best and your very worst.  More than that, they have known you silly.  They have known you when trampolines were the funnest thing. Sister take you back to childhood.  That can be a bittersweet thing.  For me, today it was all sweet. It was hair flying, trick jumping, laughing and screaming.  I’m sore.  My head is still hurting. (Not sure what the crazy eye twitch is about)  My throat is sore from laughing and screaming and laughing.

I think I’ve written before about my 1st grade school pictures.  I need to find copies of them and post them.  Yes, them…there were two pictures.  The first one, I had played on the playground and then I tried to “fix” my hair (which meant, I brushed the hair out of my eyes and tried to put it behind my ears…in a way, I find the picture adorable because it was who I was)…it as a mess.  My mom wasn’t very happy with the picture.  I am not sure what she wanted the picture to look like but I know I had to retake it and I think a note to my teacher was involved that said something like, “Please do not let C run around like a crazy kid on the playground before her picture.”  😀  I know for sure, I was advised NOT to brush my hair.  As a result, my picture looks very “uptight”.  Yes, as a 1st grader I looked uptight.   I have “hair issues” to this day….not just from 1st grade.   If left to it’s own devises, my hair looks like like…well, for one, I call if a “fro”…basically, I look like I have a wild hair all over my head.   My mom tamed my hair into submission almost every day of my life.  Now, except for in the summer when we are going to the pool quiet often, I straighten my hair…it requires products (yes, more than one) a blow drier, a flat iron a couple of curling irons…it’s a whole process.

So when I say, “hair was flying” today, I mean hair was flying!

It was carefree.  If only we could all be carefree every day, all day.

I think this is one of the reasons I find my niece, Devri, absolutely adorable.  She has the wildest curls and she does almost anything to make those curls fly.  It can only be described as glorious.  She is only two years old right now and I see this freedom in her eyes that takes me back….back to 1st grade.  (I think it was the first time in my life that I thought someone didn’t like me.  Before then, it never occurred to me that I would not be “liked”).  I hope she never looses that glint.  I hope she embraces those beautiful curls.  I hope she always loves her beautiful brown eyes.   That girl shines.

Another quote from Jenny’s class that she says they are using at her church now (well, in her circle of friends) is “What everyone else thinks about you is none of your business.”  Of course, I like to over-analyze every thing so I ask, “Isn’t it important that you maintain a good reputation?”  She said, “If you are doing what God called you to do, then what does it matter what any one else thinks?”  Of course.  How freeing…not concerning yourself with the opinions of others.

So, today, this week, soon…hang with your sister(s).  If you don’t have one, then call me…you can hang out with me.  Be carefree.  Do what God has called you to do.  Be who He has called you to be.  And don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about it….it’s none of your business.

You are BLESSED!  God loves you!  He loves flyaway hair!


2 thoughts on “Sister Time

  1. Katherine

    I love this post. I’m not sure how people survive without sisters either. It is great to know that you had a carefree, flyaway hair day.

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