Just do it


So sorry I haven’t written lately, dear readers.  We have been busy.  Our foster care license came through which means we will be taking on some additional children.  Due to how the law reads, I cannot post pictures or convey information about our little wards of the state.   Even though I want to tell you about our fist placement (other than the Boy) and how on our first morning the preschooler managed to behave in a such a manner that we had not one but five police officers in our home, I am not allowed to give you any details.  Let’s just say many of the doors in our home are now armed with alarms.   It would have made a great blog though.  The paperwork that the incident generated actually fulfilled my “writing” need for several days.

I also have another blog coming (on the way) titled “accidental fruit” but I want to post it with pictures and my camera has yet to make it down stairs this week.

This morning, I want to recount a little incident that made me think.  We were at my faith friends house after prayer and one of our young ladies was telling us about a vision she has.  She was so excited.  She told us she had to talk to our pastor about it.  My first thought was, “Poor pastor gets everyone’s vision dumped on him”.  Not that he complains or even notices…he’s cool (no really, he is a very cool man).  My second thought was, “If God told you to do this, why do you have to talk to our pastor.  If God told you, just do it.”  Then I said, “Just do it.”  And I looked at my friend who is just so quotable and she said, “You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what God has called you to do.”

Don’t get me wrong, without a doubt I have been in circumstances and know that there are pastors who want to be involved in every decision the people of their congregation make.  Those pastor, pastor very small churches because God knows they couldn’t keep up with too many people if that is their pastoral style.  However, when God places a big vision in a pastor, he cannot be the “voice of God” in every individual person’s life in his congregation.  No matter who your pastor is, when God speaks to you about anything, His word should take priority.

Today, I give your permission to do what God has called you to do.  Just do it!  You do not need anyone else’s permission but God’s to do what He tells you to do. You only need His permission.

Be blessed today!


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