Live the Dream


First of all, I’ve blogged a little about the Sticky Preaching class The Hubs and I took in October.  Part of the class was we were to preach a message from an assigned text.  Well, due to the illness (I caught a little cold from the boy which he seemed to recover from in 4 days but I managed to convert into a full-fledged sinus infection that required antibiotics) I missed my speaking opportunity.  Which made me sad but I will post my sermon here soon (I’m on the road in the great state of LA….no not California and not Lower Alabama. I am on a girl trip in Baton Rouge) but my notes are on my computer which I left in good ole Texas.  I wanted to preface what I am about to write by telling you about a topic that has been simmering inside for a few weeks.  I wrote and re-wrote my sermon at least 3 times and had at least two different titles.  The first title was “Who’s in your tent?” which turned out to not work because not even Jesus was in a tent in the miracle I was speaking on.  The second title and the message I wrote about was titled “Death of a Dream”.   For the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about, simmering on and writing about dying dreams.

My lovely friend, Candace, who I have blogged about before invited me to this conference some time ago.  She described how wonderful and girly it is and I really wasn’t that interested….I like serious “spiritual” conference.  I had a little laugh about this because one of the best conference I ever attended, spiritually wise was a prayer conference that Bishop Tudor and Chi Chi Bismark did in Houston and the only thing they “gave” (besides the beautiful Holy Spirit infused message) was a folder with handouts and I was happy to get it (still have it, still look at it…don’t even think about touching it!).  Candace and her family blessed me by offering to basically “take care” of everything.  It was still a big deal for us because the Hubs had to take off work for 3 days and he works on a commission pay scale so when he isn’t selling, he isn’t making money even though it is a “paid” vacation.  Saying that to say this….Wow…for something I wasn’t willing to pay for myself, this has been an incredible blessing.

The conference is Healing Place Church’s Women’s Conference which is named, “Live the Dream”.   The speakers have been Christine Cain (when I have more time, I will post some links to these wonderful ministries), Amy and Craig Groeschel, and Priscilla Shirer.

Here are a few quotes…and this is going to be dirty and quick because we have a few more sessions this morning.

“Jesus didn’t come to make us “normal” He came to make us passionate and dangerous.” -Christine Cain

“God is connecting and uniting us (Christians) like pieces on a chess board because He is about to checkmate the devil.” -Christine Cain

On Lusting after other people’s gifts and callings, “Get in your lane, the one God created for you and thank God for the woman in the lane next to you.” -Christine Cain

“God will not allow someone to give you what you think you need when you should be looking to Him for those things because if you got what you think you need from someone you would make that person an idol in your life.” -Christine Caine

“We have become spiritual ‘junkies’ always looking for that next spiritual ‘high’” (not a good thing) – Christine Cain

“Fear is faith in the wrong thing” – Craig Groeschel

“Why do ‘What ifs’ matter?  Because they reveal what you value most and where you trust God least.”  – Craig Groeschel

I AM OUT OF TIME….so much more good stuff to share with you but I have to get some clothes on and if I make my girls late they  are going to make me sit in the back seat.  😀

God bless you and I hope to catch up with you in a day or two.


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