Accidental Fruit


This past spring, I wanted to plant tomato plants but we still had not closed on our house.  My friend Candace who is becoming a regular fixture on my blog (see beautiful picture of her below), advised me to pot plant them and then plant them in my yard later in the summer.

I did as she suggested (well, I managed to plant one tomato plant in the lone pot I owned) but as with most moves, the “planting it in the yard” step didn’t happen for quiet a while.  The Hubs built me a little raised garden and threw that tomato plant in the garden.  We’ve been a drought in Texas so we didn’t even water it much.  I did however, start composting.  I threw everything from banana peels, to egg shells to coffee grounds out in the garden.  Eventually, we began to see an unusual plant growing.  It didn’t quiet look like a weed so we left it.

About a month ago (after letting the garden “go wild” for a  few MONTHS), the hubs was out weed-eating it and hit something.  he looked down to see what he hit and it was  medium size cantaloupe.  A CANTALOUPE!  He looked around and found about five more in varying sizes.  I went to check it out and found we also had about 30 little roma tomatoes growing on the tomato plant next to it. We had not even watered that little garden.

We accidentally grew fruit. Candace, thanks for the suggestions…I will have some ripened on the vine tomatoes for you in a week or two and maybe a cantaloupe if I can figure out when they are ready.

Spiritually, I think we do this more often than we realize.

I have been thinking about some people we know.  I cannot really call them “friends” at this point because they choose to walk alone.  Here’s the thing I was thinking about…  These folks who would rather be alone than in relationship with some powerful men and women of God who God specifically sent their way, have produced an accidental fruit.  Let me explain.  Without getting into much detail, my husband and I attended a church where we intended to serve God (not man), help out and bless others.  While in that church several couples and individuals came and went.  I have a belief in life that if you find yourself in the same situation with different people, over and over again….it’s probably you and NOT all the other people.  Just a thought.   The people who left, including four couples (that had all gone to Bible college and had a deep faith in God)  were all really nice people.  They all kept in touch with the Hubs and I at very least via Facebook and sometimes via email, phone or  having playdates with our kids.

Although, attending that church was an enormous disappointment (which I declare I will not stop on that disappointment but I will move forward to my next God appointment) some rather accidental fruit was produced.  The fruit of lasting friendships. If it had not been for that church, I would not have met my dear friends Candace and John or my friend Jennifer (who I just got back from the “Live the Dream” Conference).  I would not have met Stacy or Debbie or Ollie or Trey and Amanda…. it brings tears to my eyes.  What the enemy most certainly meant for harm to my soul and to my identity, God used for producing some “faith friends” in my life.  I feel strongly that some of these friendships will be lifelong for us.  While it is hard when you are in a place, a desert but when you see a fruit forged in the driest seasons of your life, it leaves you…well, it leaves me in awe of God and all that He can do.  He is for us.  He sets the appointments in our lives even in the desert places.

I want to be in awe of Him and declare His goodness even on the backside of the desert!  There is fruit in the desert.  In your darkest season, know that when you come out of it, there will be fruit.  There will be fruit of seeds you thought you were throwing out; accidental fruit.  So my faith friends, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:2-5).

I love you my faith friends.  And those who do not chose my friendship…I love you too and God loves you and I celebrate you and pray that love will overcome and overshadow your anger and your disappointments; true love not pretty words of well-meaning people with agendas but LOVE (He is love, it is not an attribute, it is who He is…Jesus is walking, talking, accepting, celebrating you, LOVE!).  And that is what LOVE (Jesus) can do, He can put enough love inside of me to pray for you even though you rejected me….He is that incredible! Wow!

Now, everybody GO LOVE JESUS and carry on! (I tell this to my boy all the time…)


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