Another Word for Singles


The Hubs and I love, love, love singles.  Seriously, we were single for what seemed like forever (well, he 30 and I was a little older…nothing wrong with that ladies, younger is good) and we feel for singles.

I was chatting with a couple of my single friends tonight and found myself giving them some advise.  I told them I would blog it.  This is possible the best advise you can hear in regards to getting married.

When you decide it is time to get married, you need to know that you know, that you know that God put you the person you are marrying.  Here is why…  Because on your worst day, when it gets hard (and it will…there will come a moment when you will actually think, “Well, it’s been fun but I think this marks the end of the honeymoon.”) knowing that God put you together will get you through.

So before you go off getting married to some Joe or Jane Schmuckitelli (as my friend Charlie says) think about God’s best plan for you…and Yes, God does have a plan for who you marry.  God arranges “power couples”.  That’s cool.

As I tell my friends….I know my marriage is a total “God thang” because the Hubs is way too cool for me.  I would have never snagged a cool musician type if God hadn’t arranged it.

It had to happen in God’s time, not mine.  (Remember Christine Caine’s advise, “Your due date is not necessarily God’s appointed time”)  It is far better for you to get with God’s program than it is for you to try to get Him on board with your plan (that pretty much goes for everything whether you are married or not).



One thought on “Another Word for Singles

  1. Marion

    When I feel down, discouraged; a few reads of the articles on being single encourages me. Don’t stop writing. Thanks for sharing the truth on what a single lady really and actually goes through while waiting to be married.

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