Momlog 12-10-2011: Too tired to think of a title


Well, like has been flying by and I’ve been too busy to blog.  We are fostering a newborn who was born premature and who is a twin.   What a cutie.  I can’t go into the details because that’s the law.  There are a LOT of laws in regard to fostering.

Right now, it is 1:25 am and the baby is trying to go to sleep.  Life was beautiful on a few hours ago (she was getting held and rocked by 8 beautiful young ladies from our church) but now fussiness seems to have set in.  I am thinking a feeding is in order but it seems too close to the previous feeding and I’m just not sure how it will play out….but I am awake right now (if not a little groggy) and the baby seems to be awake so maybe I’ll go for it….wait, maybe she finally dozed off.

I will have to write of some of my adventures.  I am also thinking of writing a little about the effects of drugs on babies…it is tragic and so harmful and should be absolutely criminal (seems to me the consequences are as tough as they should be). I’d also like to write a scathing article about “Family and Protective Services” (aka CPS), yes, I said scathing because although most individual case workers are wonderful people, the system is not great, it’s not good, it is not even really adequate.   While many people are so sweet to families who foster (not that, that is what we are looking for, we aren’t) in the system we are treated as heartless babysitters rather than who we really are, the people who repeatedly put their hearts on their sleeves to care for a child who otherwise be abused, neglected and/or treated as a nothing.  We give them respect, love and self-value (or we try).  It is a kind of weird thing for me.   1. People often think that foster parents “get paid”…well, there is a small reimbursement for expenses but if we are doing it to “get paid” well, it’s the lowest paying “job” I’ve ever had in my life…seriously…hardest work, least pay.  2. While we appreciate people celebrating us, we just want people to love “our kids” and expose them to what “normal” really is…it’s not about us.  3. We would like for people in the system (by the system I mean the government) to at very least appreciate us in between reminding us about the law and/or the rules.  4. We would like for people not treat us like we are “working the system” because we try to take advantage of what help is available.  (I should write a blog about using the WIC benefit at Walmart…it’s a pain).

It sounds like the baby may have finally dozed off…I’ve got to go…I’ve got to go to sleep as soon as possible  (always easier said than done).

I plan on dreaming about getting a shower tomorrow…..



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