Momlog 2011; Baby Economics


Well, it turns out babies are really expensive.  Formula, diapers, wetwipes…that doesn’t even take into account all the gadgets, cute outfits, detergent to wash said garments or the batteries for gadgets…wow.

When we went to pick up baby brother, we had to purchase a carseat from the hospital.  (We would have brought one with us but we were called at the very last  minute).  Merry Christmas…this is just one of the reasons I will probably not send out Christmas cards this year…plus when would I have time write out Christmas cards.  I have a big box of gifts to mail to mail to the Hubs family.  Yes, I need to mail it.  I realized my box has writing on it which the post office doesn’t allow and also “running errands” with twins is very nearly impossible.

I actually have a new hero.  A girl I met through craigslist.  Her name is Melissa and she gave me, yes, GAVE ME a double stroller.  I used it before but it has been my saving grace with these babies.  She’s my hero because it is a great stroller that folds up and fits in the back of our Exped.  She found the bar that replaces one of the seats and allows you to sit your carseat on the stroller.  I think she saved me quiet a bit of money.  The alternative was going to be some type of stroller/sling system that I would have had to implement until I could purchase a double stroller.

In less than two weeks, we have already spent at least $40 on diapers…and that’s with coupons.  And let’s not even talk about formula….

So for Christmas this year, I’m asking Santa for self-loading bottles and self-cleaning diapers.  I doubt I’ll get my wish but one can ask. 😀


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