Momlog 2012: Through the eyes of a Three Year Old


Well our boy is talking…all the time.  Someone commented to me the other day “Does he ever stop talking?”  The answer is “No”.  We don’t understand everything he says and I often ask, “What?” two times in order to “get it”.  We wanted him to talk and he’s talking a blue streak.

Today the babies had a visit with parents so the boy and I had a few hours to hang out, just the two of us.  I took him to the new Krispy Kreme.  Yes, San Marcos, Texas has a new Krispy Kreme and yes, you can get a Kafe Kreme there (Think Latte with a shot of their glaze flavored syrup…very good).  We had a free “Hot Now” doughnut and split a chocolate cake doughnut (they have cinnamon rolls and kalaches too).  Anyway, all hopped up on sugar we took off to run some errands including running out to the outlet mall.  We stopped at Maurice’s because I heard they were having a big sale…they were, I got some great deals.  Next to Maurice’s is the “Nail and Spa” (yes, an Asian run nail salon.  You have to admit sometimes they name their salons using awkward grammar).  I would have loved to stop for a pedicure but I didn’t have the time and the boy would have been bouncing off the walls.  What has been bugging me lately is my out of control eyebrows.  So I popped over for a quick wax.  I used to get waxed all the time.  Frequent waxing leads to fine regrowth that doesn’t hurt so much being wrenched out by the roots.  She leads us back to a little private room with a message table covered with paper.  She asked me to lie down and the boy sat on a little chair right outside the door.  She did talk me into getting my upper lip waxed too.  Admittedly, without naming names, I have family members who have neglected their ‘stashe and thus I am paranoid that mine will grow out of control and I will be blissfully unaware.   If left up to me, I’d wax my whole face just to make sure.

The whole process took all of 10 minutes and as I took the boy’s hand to walk out, he says to me, “Mamma, are you done with the doctor?” I laughed and the eyebrow expert also laughed.

Poor kid has been to the doctor so much in his life (and lately, we’ve been taking the babies ever week or so) that to him a “spa” is the same as going to the doctor.  I can see the similarities…it was actually pretty smart of him to put two and two together. He’s a smart one.


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