Eating my Words…again


This is going to be short.   😀

A few years ago, when my nephew was around 4 years old, he told me his favorite restaurant was “Texas Roadhouse”.  I thought that was hilarious and told my sister she was raising a snob.  Obviously a four year old’s favorite place to eat should be McDonald’s.

Last Wednesday we pulled into Logan’s Roadhouse and our 3 and 1/2 year old started cheering and told us, “I love this place!!”.  So basically, our kid’s favorite place is also a steak place.  I hadn’t realized how often we eat at Logan’s…obviously it’s a lot. In our defense, it’s a good deal for us, two adults and one child and we only spent about 24.00 – plus tax and we like steak.

I’m sorry, sister.

It’s okay to raise kids that 1. Like sit-down restaurants and 2. Behave appropriately at said places (most of the time).


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