Domestic Engineering Update


This is for all the other Domestic Engineers out there. Enjoy.

Yep things are pretty exciting around here.  I started writing another blog today but it was too deep to think about while the babies squirmed for passies next to me.  So I decided that I will blog about the latest in my “world”.

If you are keeping up, I’ve been trying to get my house cleaned up.  What I really need is an an organizational overload but that’s another blog.

One big thing is, I feel that my bathrooms are NEVER completely clean.  They still aren’t.  I was hanging out with my friend Shelby the other day and I told her that my bathtubs aren’t clean…I bleach them, I have bought so many different “bathroom” cleaners and yet, they never seem completely clean.  She told me to put Dawn dish soap…

into the tub, fill it with hot water, clean the rest of the bathroom and then give it a scrub and rinse.

IT WORKED.  I didn’t actually clean the rest of the bathroom but I did put dinner on in the crockpot.  The tubs are CLEAN!!! Yeah!  So I thought I would share the tip.



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