Latest Little Find


First thing y’all must know about me is, I love a deal.  When it comes to furniture, I like something old rather than something new MOST of the time.  I love the Pottery Barn Style but I don’t want to have everything like everyone else in the world…I like being an original.  Because of that, I don’t often shop at Walmart.  Okay, I would go as far as to say…I am a snob.  I buy paper goods, detergents, cleaning products but you probably won’t find me buying household items.

A few weeks ago, I found a cute lamp at our local thrift store.  It was $3.   It is a black lamp but I was on my spray paint kick (which I haven’t spray painted or even painted anything since my house has been overrun by newborns) and figured I would spray paint it…I still might.  I thought about getting a red lamp shade for it but nothing was catching my fancy.

Saturday evening, I had to run over to Walmart for some household item emergency.  Since I was out of the house, by myself, I found myself wondering the aisles.  I found this darling lampshade.

And here is what it looks like on my thrift store lamp:

Sorry about the small picture…I took it with my phone and sent it to myself instead of breaking out my camera.  Shame on me.

In any case, I am very pleased.  I even manged to get to Hobby Lobby this week to pick up some items to MAKE a pillow I saw on Pinterest.  Yes, I am a little bit addicted to Pinterest…not addicted more like in love.

If the lampshade interest you, click here.  It really was a steal.


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