Momlog 2012; People and Babies


I am the luckiest girl in the world…okay, the most blessed.  I had a surprise visit from my sister (her trip had absolutely nothing to do with me but I like to think it was one of those blessings for me) .  I was entertaining her with some of the things people have said/done when I have been out with the babies.

I never knew that babies drew so much attention.  And twins are even more enticing to people.  It is now my belief that few people think about what they are saying.

Let me preface this by saying that when you foster, you get to the point where, when someone says, “Oh, your child is so cute” (or whatever the complement is) you just say, “Oh, thank you.”  It is not so much that you are trying to pass the child(ren) off as your own so much as the people are strangers who really do not need to know the whole story of you fostering.

With the babies (I so wish I could post a picture but it’s a big “no-no”), it has ten times worse because people will come up and say crazy things.  Here are a few things that people have said or asked me.

1. “Oh, are you nursing them?”  (really???  you are asking me, a stranger, about my boobs??  Obviously, I look like I could be nursing twins.)

2. “Did you have a C-section or vaginal delivery?”  (Again, REALLY???  You are asking me about  my vagina…in PUBLIC)

3. “You look so great for just having had babies” (CLEARLY, it is time to go on a diet if I look as if I was just pregnant)

4. “May I hold one of your babies?  My hands are clean” (I will be the judge of the cleanliness of your hands.  This has happened to me twice.  Both times were moms I had been talking to who at a public place…the Jumpy Place and Chic-fil-a.)

5. “They look like they are part Mexican” (You would never say, “your baby looks white” or “is your baby African American?”…well, I can’t think of any circumstances in which you would say this).

6.  Several older Hispanic ladies have touched the babies’ faces…random strangers.  A friend told me it is a superstition in the Mexican culture that if a baby looks at you then you should touch it’s face so it will NOT have bad luck or a bad spirit come to it.  I am pretty sure this is how the sniffles came into our house.

7. So many random questions about their birth weight, how many weeks along they were when they were born, how long they were in the NICU….which is fine until they ask about your vaginal delivery.  I feel like I am being tested or something.  Maybe it is a test…”Is she really the mom?  I will ask her a series of test ending with what type of deliver and see if she really is the mom.” (no one ever ask you about their poop)

All in all, people don’t always think about what their question is really asking.  The Hubs and I have been hoping to get pregnant for a while and I had several acquaintances ask me, “Are y’all trying?”  (to which I wanted to answer, “Are you asking me about sex life?  Because that’s awkward…for both of us” or “Yep, every night.”  :D)




One thought on “Momlog 2012; People and Babies

  1. Katherine

    I love to read your “stories”. I have had similar experiences when I am out with kids. Typically people assume I am the mom. However, I have never been asked if I am nursing or about how I delivered. That’s like strangers rubbing on a pregnant woman’s belly. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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