What’s with the Current Death Culture?


These days, when I absolutely must leave the house, I try to stay out for a little while.  Basically, it is so much work to get out of the house that I want to “make it worth it”.  I had to go to the bank today.  I had a check that had to be deposited so our mortgage check would go through.  That is life paycheck to paycheck (although God has blessed us and we are finally catching up).  Since I had to go to the bank, I decided to take the boy to McDonald’s for lunch.  We RARELY go to McDonald’s because I despise it…it is more of a love hate relationship really.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich today which would have been fairly healthy if not for the 1/4 cup of mayo that had been globbed on.  I removed 93% of the mayo at the expense of the rare piece green lettuce (rarely seen at McDonald’s).  And since I ordered such a healthy sandwich I opted for tons of fries and a Dr. Pepper which I am beginning to suspect I an mildly addicted to.  I never buy Dr.Pepper for our house because the Hubs is an admitted soda addict and a 2-liter only last 36 hours at our house.  So I go out and order Dr. Peppers.  All of this has little to do with the topic of Death Culture other than McDonald’s is trying to kill us.  I suspect most McDonald’s are owned by terrorist.  That’s just my suspicious nature.

In the boy’s Happy Meal was a Hot Wheels car.  I was checking out the box (I wish I would have taken a picture) and there were four different colors of  Hot Wheels racing teams each represented by some type of skull.  FOR MY THREE YEAR OLD???

McDonald’s and Hot Wheels are not the only places doing this.  A few years ago when skulls began to become popular I implemented a “NO SKULL” policy at my house.  No clothes with skulls, no toys with skulls, etc.  NO SKULLS.  Why do we want to encourage a culture of death?

Jesus over came death, hell and the grave.  Jesus came to give us LIFE, not death.

This has been challenging.  Two summers ago, I took my brother-in-law shopping.  He was 15 years old then and I told him, “No Skulls” which he respected my wishes at that time.  I also made him choose some clothes with colors not just BLACK. It was a challenge  to  purchase young men’s clothes with no skulls.  What surprises me is kids clothes.  I like to shop at Children’s Place, Carters, Target, and Kohls and I’ve been shocked at the number of TODDLER clothes that have skulls on them and some are very subtle.  I’ve nearly boycotted Children’s Place because of it.  This is why I’ve loved shopping at Naatrjie…very well made kid’s cloths, no skulls….at least I’ve never found any.

When I was in high school I wanted to be punk or whatever you call the kids that wear all black all the time.  The problem was the kids in that group were so angry that I didn’t fit in with in even with  my long Pentecostal black skirt (yes, some skirts are just Pentecostal, they just are.  And if you are a girl who grew up in a Pentecostal church you know what I mean. :D)  In any case, my theory is that these depressed, angry people with their multiple piercings (to the point of self-mutilation) and their various tattoos have taken over our culture and they have influenced a generation to believe that skulls which represent death should be worn on shirts, shoes, hair bows, the cuter the item the more ironic it will be with a skull on it.

But I say, NO!  We will not embrace the current culture of death.  We will not put skulls on our kids, on our Hot Wheels cars (luckily, the free Hot Wheels that came in the Happy Meal was naked and the skulls were actually on stickers that were easily disposed of before the boy noticed), or on our heart.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and we will celebrate LIFE! ( This means I may have to give up Law and Order and CSI…don’t tell the Hubs yet.  I like to see if he reads my blogs)

Thank you, that was my rant for the day.


2 thoughts on “What’s with the Current Death Culture?

  1. Enjoyed your rant, especially the “penticostal skirt” comment. It’s true about the skulls being everywhere these days. Since I buy 90% of my son’s clothes, even though he is 17, I still opt for no skulls, either!

  2. Burned Hands

    I know it – I bought a really nice black, button down shirt that had two skulls on it, whereby wife-y and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought two black, felt, iron-on decals that we used to completely cover the skulls…you’d never even know! (Perfect allusion to Christ overcoming death, too!)

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