Momlog 2012: More on Poop


See, I warned you in the title that this post would be about poop.  To begin with, one of the ninos had BLACK poop yesterday so I did something I never expected I would do….I googled (and I quote) “Black baby poop” (yes, googling that as the search criteria was successful).  It turns out their vitamins which include an iron supplement could cause black poop.  Who knew?  (apparently Google knew…)

That’s not the funny part.  (Yes, dear reader, there is always something funny going on in the Momlog).  We  had a doctor’s appointment today (in NORTH AUSTIN at 8:30am and there was a car ON FIRE at William Cannon and I-35 because I-35 can never just be easy and clear.  My navigation told me it was going to take 1 hour and 54 minutes to get to my destination and I only had 45 minutes….I was a little late but it didn’t take an hour and 45 minutes…PRAISE GOD!!). The babies seem to poop at the most inconvenient times.  Today they had to be weighed and at this particular doctor they weigh infants NAKED.  They are really rolling the dice with that decision.  Thankfully, the babies didn’t pee or poop on the scale.  But they BOTH had poop diapers when I went to get them naked.  They are laying their looking all cute, cooing and smiling and kicking their little legs, making everyone “ooooh” and “aaah”.  Then I get that little package….and it was messy too.  That’s not the funny part.

As you know, once we get out of the house, I have to take advantage of it and do some other stuff because “getting out of the house” is half the challenge.  So we had lunch with my childhood friend, Shelby (when I told The Boy we were going to see Ms. Shelby he said – and I quote- “YEAH!  My Shelby”…he LOVES “doing lunch” with my friends).  We had a nice time, she sold me some Tupperware…somehow, I did not sell her any Pampered Chef…I guess she’s the better sales person.  It was nice.

Then we went to Southpark Meadows to do a little shopping…Ross Dress for Less (which I normally do not frequent but I am looking for a new down comforter), Marshalls (which I do normally frequent) and the Children’s Place (only because they were having a sale and YES, I did see several items with skull on it).

We are in Ross when baby girl became fussy.  You really  must picture this….I have a HUGE RED double stroller that has the steering capabilities of a MAC truck.  It is over loaded with a baby bag, my purse and products I intended to purchase and some things that The Boy put in there because he has already figured out he can be “hands free”.  People see our little entourage coming and they always have to check out the babies…what I am saying is we kind of draw some attention…what with our gorgeous little 3 year old and cute tiny twins.  We were  in the dress department (bought a cute dress) and I decide, she has already pooped (and I am completely out of wet whips) so she is probably just wet, I’ll just do a quick diaper change right here.  Then my phone rings and it is my daily lunch call from The Hubs.  So I am trying to listen to him, trying to quiet the baby, trying not to run my huge stroller into strangers….then I open her little diaper and it was poop and it stank bad and it was the kind that just goes everywhere.  Did I mention, I was completely out of wet whips?  I had to get off the phone, thankfully, my husband is understanding.  I changed her diaper and was able to get her pretty clean considering but I became “one of those people”…you know the ones…the ones who change their baby anywhere in public.  I was SWEATING.  Seriously, the whole thing wore me out.  Then I ended up changing baby boy outside on one of those over sized planters (keep in mind, we live in Texas and it was in the 80s today…of course it felt like the 100s in Ross).

We did continue our shopping.  I bought the boy his first necktie at Children’s Place….he was SOOOO excited.  He was making plans to wear the tie with Daddy on Sunday (Daddy doesn’t know yet).  And I found an adorable t-shirt (on sale) for Baby Boy that has a little necktie printed on it.  The boys are wearing ties on Sunday.  I so wish I could post a picture.

I also bought some new jeans for The Boy, a dress for me, a game for The boy because he was so helpful and because we had, had several “hard” days (he wet his pants a couple of times…at home, when he was only a few feet from the bathroom…it’s a 3 thing).  He also asked me for a Dr.Pepper, which I am not sure he likes but it is what he picked.  He is RARELY allowed to drink soda so it was a big deal for him.  Of course, it also fit into my mild addition to Dr.Pepper which I justify because getting babies and the stroller in and out of the truck burns about 150 calories each time.  At least that is what I tell myself.

We made it home and everyone is napping…everyone except me and I need it!!



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