Strange Blessings


Today was one of the longest days on record for me.  The boy had school so we had to get up early.  The Hubs went to pick up his brother, Pete and took The Boy with him and then dropped him off at school.  The Boy made it too school but without a backpack or a jacket/coat…even in Texas that was a “dad” thing…mamma wouldn’t let her 3 year old out without a jacket in February even if he didn’t need it.  The Hubs and brother-in-law set out to plant some trees for us today.  That didn’t end up getting done but our garden was all tilled up.  My sister dropped by and dropped off my niece so The Boy would have someone to play with.  The Ninos (the twins) have had runny noses and just seemed to not feel good today.  They wanted to be held constantly and if it wasn’t one, it was the other one. Although my kitchen needed cleaning, I was holding babies.

I went to pick the Boy up from school, went by AutoZone to buy some fix-a-flat for the wheelbarrow tire that was flat, I homesteaded our house (in Texas you can declare your home of residence your “homestead” which protects it from being taken from you in say a lawsuit and it also lowers the taxes…or something like that) and I picked up some coffee at our local Coffeebucks.  Then went home, fed babies, fed men, called the IRS to ask a tax question (which took almost an hour and 26 minutes of that was on hold waiting for the second guy because the first guy didn’t know anything about foster parent rules).

At lunch, the Hubs tells me they need more dirt.  I don’t get it.  We bought 3 things of Miracle Grow…huge bags, the other day.  Last year, we had part of one bag in our garden and grew some great plants.  The space has not changed…same exact amount of space.  We have a WHOLE yard full of dirt.  I just don’t get the need to buy more dirt. Can’t you just go get some of the other dirt in the yard??   I think he secretly just likes going to Lowe’s…it’s a MANortunity.

My brother-in-law tells him to go because he wants to talk to me.  Which I admit, I wasn’t sure what to think.  We haven’t had the most successful relationship.  I love my brother-in-law.  The Boy loves him.  I was so sad at Christmas that we didn’t see him.  We have tried…maybe not as much or as often as we should have.  At times, I know I said the “wrong thing”, even though it was “right” since I haven’t been “in the family” for very long, my words may have seemed harsh.  My ideas are very different than some of the ways of The Hubs’ family.

The Hubs took off to Lowe’s (it is 3 miles from our house) and my brother-in-law starts talking and cleaning…he starts washing dishes.  I unloaded the dishwasher and he loaded and washed the dishes in the sink.  Normally, I would not say that my Love Language (just google The Five Love Languages….I don’t have time to link right now) is “acts of service” but this evening, when I looked around my kitchen and he had cleared off my whole island (yes, sisters…that dumping ground is cleaned off except for the gargantuan three crock crock-pot set I received for Christmas and haven’t figured out where to store)….I can only say, I felt blessed and even loved.

My Brother-in-law is a contagious person.  We had some great conversation while doing the dishes and cleaning counter tops (he did most of the work).  I’m so excited about all the changes going on in his life.  That is his story to share.

Many people have blessed our lives.  My family has been incredible through moves, kids and sicknesses and…well, you name it.  But for some reason, today was so sweet.  I think because we consider it an answer to prayers that God is reconciling this precious relationship and on top of it, my brother-in-law blessed us.  He asked for nothing.  He gave.  He blessed us…it seemed a little surreal at times, even a little strange but I’ll receive “strange blessings” any day.  Bring it on, God!!!  Bring it on!

PS. No one peed or pooped in any place other than a diaper or the potty today!!!  WooHoo!!!  Praise Jesus!!! (seriously!)


One thought on “Strange Blessings

  1. Laddie Bordovsky

    Happy to read about the brother-in-law praise report! God does answer prayer, Sometimes we pray a long time , but when the answer comes it is a beautifull thing!

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