All the Married Ladies


See how I did that?  Yesterday was “All the Single Ladies”.  This should be a little shorter.  To all my married friends….put forth some effort.  I get so caught up in the day-to-day sometimes I forget to put forth much effort into my relationship with The Hubs.  He’s a good sport.  He is definitely “the romantic” in our relationship.  Even “the romantic” get’s tired of doing all the work.

One of my friends is getting married in a few weeks and some of the girls are giving her a “intimate apparel” party.  So a mutual friend asked if I wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret with her. Normally I don’t got to Victoria’s Secret because one of her secrets is she carries a lot of bras but none of them are for really big blossomed women.  There, you learned something.  I went anyway and ended up purchasing a few items for myself (here’s another tip, married ladies…buy yourself some NEW underpants…NOT from WAL-MART).

I realized that it had been quiet a while since I did anything remotely romantic for The Hubs.  Since it was Valentine’s Day this week, he took off work for “A day of love” (he said) and I hired my sister to babysit and we went on an actual date to an actual restaurant, Hyde Park Grill, and we saw a movie.  No we did not frequent a hotel…come on people…I’ll talk about underpants but I’m not sharing intimate details of my love life.  We saw, “The Vow” and it was nice.  It was nice to reconnect.

Tonight we talked and  we agreed we must go out on dates more often and we are going to be deliberate about it.  No more letting it slide.

So when I tell my married friends…put some effort into it (yes, into the bedroom too….put your computer up and go cuddle with your husband), I am speaking from my own experience.  We are only 5 years in and many of you have years and years more experience than us.  I will probably have to reread this myself in the future to remind myself that every good relationship requires some work.

Now, go have some fun.


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