Momlog 2012; World Travelers


So we aren’t exactly world travelers although we have covered many miles in the past few days.  Our plan was to head out to West Texas on Friday evening and then on to far West Texas also known as “Super Mexico” (to me – because it is just like Mexico except some people speak English and they have Target, Starbucks and Kohl’s…it is like Mexico only a little better) aka, El Paso, Texas.   We ended up only traveling south to my parents house (5 miles to be exact) because we had some trouble with our truck just as we were heading out of town.  It is far better that we experienced these issues before we got out on the back roads of Texas.  We actually stayed the night at my parent’s house rather than drive “all the way home”.  It was fun.  Our boy never gets to spend the night at Nana’s house because when you foster, the children must stay with you or someone who has been licensed to foster or provide respite care.  He thought it was the best thing ever to stay over at Nana’s house.

Did I tell y’all we are starting the adoption process?  Once we have officially adopted him, I will post a picture, we will have a party to celebrate, I will sign him up for child modeling (kidding..sort of) and we will get him a puppy (he LOVES animals…reminds me of my mom…my mom has a house full of animals and I’m sure if they lived in the country she would have horses and cows. ).

Since our truck was acting up, my dad lent us his new truck.  One reason I know I am a Texas girl deep in my heart is because I love driving a truck.  We need to purchase a new vehicle because both of our current vehicles are paid off…I mean, they are “older”  (over 100K miles on each…I think our Volkswagen – the one I bought years ago when I was single has almost 200K on it).  Every time we talk about buying another vehicle, I tell The Hubs I want another Expedition or maybe an Excursion.  And those are NOT very fuel efficient…period.   But I love the room, I love the ride and I love “owning the road”. We have enjoyed driving my dad’s truck.  The kiddos are all packed in tight in the back seat in their seats.

Today we drove through the border check at Sierra Blanca with no issue.  They asked us if we were citizens and if the boy was American and we said “yes” and they let us pass.  We have had a few negative experiences while traveling our great state.   On our first trip to El Paso, when we were dating, we were stopped for speeding….in the small town of Van Horn.  Let’s just say, Van Horn probably makes most of it’s yearly budget for the police department on people traveling I-10.  The state finally changed the speed limit out in these desert areas to 80mph but at that time, I think it was still 70.  They asked the Hubs to step out of the car and one of the officers came to my side of the car to ask if I was “okay”.  That was code for, “Did this Mexican kidnap you?”  White girl with a Hispanic male driving in West Texas at night…could be shady.  In central Texas (the liberal part of the state), where I grew up it is no big deal for “interracial” couples to marry…I never really considered us “interracial” because my family comes from many different cultural backgrounds (German, Czech, American Indian…to name a few) and the Hubs family is Spanish, Mexican, German and American Indian but to other people I guess we are a montly crew.  Even more so when we are with the in-laws.  My mother-in-law who is Mexican (she was born in Mexico) looks like she could be my mom, she is very white (as are most of her brothers and sisters…although her mom does have a distinct “American Indian” look to her), my father-in-law is Hispanic and German (His mom was German, His dad was Hispanic ),  The Hubs who considers himself Hispanic (he defines this to me as someone who is an American citizen but has Latin or Mexican roots.), my young brother-in-law who looks like he’s half Hispanic and half Caucasian and  me (white girl) and the boy (who is the whitest kid ever) and the twins (who look like they could be our biological children).  When we are out and about, we get some looks.  Although my Spanish is limited, people say things.

The long and short, we had a great time visiting the family.  We went to a great church on Sunday with the family, then we all went out to eat at Rudy’s BBQ to celebrate John’s 18th birthday.

We gained at least 10 lbs between the two of us (me and the Hubs).  My mother-in-law made homemade flautas, beans, rice, chili reanos, and medudo (which I do not eat….I don’t like tripe).  Not to mention my deep love for Mexican pastries…

Here’s what you need to know.  This was suppose to be a vacation.  Have you ever traveled with kids?  Babies especially?  Here’s why we have to have a truck to travel:

  • Double Stroller
  • Suitcase for Babies
  • Suitcase for the Boy
  • Suitcase for us
  • DVD player
  • movies
  • diaper bag
  • formula and bottle bag
  • snacks
  • Pack and Play for babies
  • computer

Basically, I have spent the past 3 days packing, carrying, unpacking, repacking, double checking and asking the Hubs to bring me things….not to mention running to the store to buy more diapers and pacifiers (because apparently we cannot keep up with 3 pacifiers)… am exhausted.  Did I say, feeding…all I do is make sure people get fed.  The boy doesn’t seem to want to eat anything these days.  I find myself trying to figure out how many different ways I can say “eat” before he actually EATS.   I need a vacation (that includes a massage) from my vacation.

We aren’t exactly world travelers except that traveling across Texas feels like the world.  If we had gone the other direction and headed east on I-10, we would have ended up in Florida in the same amount of time and distances as it took us to get to El Paso.  As I say every time we visit, they really should require a passport to come over here.


5 thoughts on “Momlog 2012; World Travelers

  1. Aw, makes me miss Texas!!! I don’t know if/when we are going to move back, but I miss it! When we first moved to AR no one knew what to think of a Hispanic man in business clothes – they thought he should be working on a road crew and only speaking Spanish. We got a few weird looks, but after 8 years our little town is becoming more diversified, and we don’t get as many looks. (or maybe I’m just not noticing them anymore.) One thing I miss about being around his family is all the home cooking – I could eat my weight in it, but then I would be literally as large as the “side of a barn” – which I think is the biggest part. Glad you had a fun weekend!

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