Say “Thank You”


A few years ago a friend of mine told me about a situation he was in.  There was a man at the church who he took out to dinner.  My friend wanted to bless the man and even felt like God told him to do take the man out to dinner.  The man’s response, after the free dinner basically was, “God is good and has blessed me.”  But he never thanked my friend.   This happened on more than one occasion. My friend was a little put out by it.  He told me, “If someone blesses you, then thank them, even if you feel like it was a ‘God thing’.  People should be thanked for participating in God’s plan.”

Ever since this happened, I thank people who bless me AND I consider how others respond when we do something for them.  You would be surprised how many people forget to say “Thank you”.

A few years ago, I was drive from Alabama to Austin, Texas.  It was September, if you are familiar with Texas you know it may as well have been August….it was HOT.  I had a blowout on I-1o just before getting to Baytown (just east of Houston).  I didn’t know anyone.  I couldn’t get the nuts loose on the wheel of the car, so I couldn’t change my tire.  I drove to the next business that was open…a service station/porn shop.  Yes, it was weird.  It was run by an Indian or Pakistani man….I am pretty sure he was the owner.  That man, came out into his dusty parking lot and changed my tire for me.  He didn’t ask for any money. He was sweaty and covered in dust.   I was able to drive a few miles down the road to a Sears and purchase a tire.  Believe me when I tell you, I thanked that guy.  I thanked him and I prayed for him for the rest of the trip….salvation and every blessing I could think of. He was a hero for me that day.  If not for him, I could have been stranded in an unfamiliar city over night.

If I am that thankful to a person who isn’t even a Christian how much more should I be thankful toward a brother or sister in Christ.  How much more should I thank them and pray blessings on their lives??

I’m just sayin’…



2 thoughts on “Say “Thank You”

  1. 2 questions: 1. How do you know he wasn’t a Christian? 2. Why should we be more thankful if a Christian helps us than a non-Christian? I am not trying to be difficult, but I would think it should be the other way around. Thank a Christian and it is expected. Be possibly the one person to thank a non-Christian and maybe leave them wondering what makes you different and what is the source of your gratitude.

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