Momlog 2012: It’s a Love-Hate Thing


I LOVE the infant stage but I hate that the babies lost their newborn cry and now wail like wild animals who haven’t eaten in 3 days (even though it has only been 3 hours and they aren’t scheduled for a feeding for another hour).  I LOVE their sweet little toes but am hating that Sissy already figured out how to push her socks off by rubbing her feet together.

We are starting them on cereal (their doctor said we were cleared to do this).  The first day, Sissy didn’t like the spoon.  She was very unhappy.  Peanut (baby boy) was so stinkin’ excited.  I told him say “Oooo” (not sure how to write that), and he screamed (kind of high pitched) and I shoved the spoon in his mouth.  He loved it.  It was so cute.  I cannot even describe how cute it was.  The Hubs managed to record it.  And we have been watching it over and over.  However, we cannot seem to get it off the phone to share with anyone, which I hate.   We keep watching it and laughing.  He will have to keep that phone forever.

Sissy is catching on to eating with a spoon instead of screaming, she cries which I hate because it’s pitiful.  The Hubs cannot feed her because it distresses him to see her cry.  Which means I am not having to spoon feed two babies.  Thankfully, they eat pretty fast and they do not eat much yet.

Which leads me to I love that the Hubs has taken to Sissy and he holds her for hours in the evening.  I hate that during the day, Sissy wants me to sit and hold her all day….  And people wonder why my house is borderline clean.  I love a clean house and hate that I can not seem to manage it on my own.  I LOVE Mary who has been coming over to clean once a week…she is fast, she good and my house smells like orange Lysol when I walk in the door.

I am loving that I found the cutest “Janie and Jack” bubble outfit for Sissy at the Goodwill (the “Good” one on Brodie Lane in Austin…it is good because it is big and has a designer section…not a designer section for babies that would be snobby even for Austin).  It had a little stain on the white collar but I was able to spot clean it with bleach and it is good as new…thank you Goodwill for the $25 outfit for $1.59.  Also bought myself some Ann Taylor pants and a teal purse.  Love the Goodwill…at least that one.

Love that we purchased the Hubs a punching bag with stand off of Craigslist for less than half of what it would cost at the store.  Hate that it is sitting in our garage dissembled right now because he hasn’t had time to put it back together….too bad…I would have liked to have punched it today.  I am not at all certain he wanted that for himself or for me.  Maybe I can find a picture of the devil and paste his/it’s face onto the punching bag.  (I could think of some people who could possibly, maybe, perhaps represent the devil in my life but no….”we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”  )

I am loving that the Hubs agreed to take care of the babies on Saturday so I could attend a conference in Austin.  He’s my hero and I think he secretly knows that I need a day out with the girls.  Seriously.

Love blogging…hate that I have less time to write these days….that is when I have a thought clear enough to blog about.



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