God is Good…


This weekend we took off to go see my sister and her family in West Texas.  Our trip wasn’t “super planned”; we decided only four or five days before.  My sister threw a princess party for my niece’s 3rd birthday and we haven’t seen them in a while.  It’s funny, when they first moved I drove over at least every two months to see them and then they would come see the family so I saw them fairly frequently.  Then I moved to Alabama and if I saw them once in 6 months it was good.  Now I feel if I don’t see them every month or so it is too long.  Of course they kids now and kids grow up so fast.  I don’t want to miss it.  I’ve already talked to my nephew, Sam about coming to stay with me this summer.  My sister isn’t ready for my niece to stay.  That’s too bad because she plays really nicely with our boy….and frankly, I need for him to have a playmate.

On our trip over, our Expedition which we do not think of as “old” but in reality it is 15 years old, started giving up grief.  The “Check Engine” light came on in Mason (half way into a 5 hour trip) and that is only half way to San Angelo.  We considered spending the weekend in Brady when we made it there but I just couldn’t do it.  So we kept going.

We  stayed in a hotel this trip because my mom and my sister Judy and my other niece, Ellie were staying at Jenny’s house and it would have been super crowded with my clan.  I found out pretty quickly that you don’t get Priceline deals in Big Spring, Texas.  I ended up booking The Hampton Inn.  My decision was based solely on them having a heated in-door pool (which I never base my decision on that.  And it ended up the heated part of the pool wasn’t working).

I knew going it we would probably have to dip into our savings for all of this.  Then the truck trouble.  I hate having to take the truck to an unfamiliar mechanic when we HAVE to because we have to get home.

We prayed.

After the party on Sunday, we took all the kids to the cold indoor pool at the Hampton.  They didn’t care that it was cold.  They all crowded around the really hot-hot tub with the dads and had a blast.

On Monday, my brother-in-law, John who owns and runs the best bodyshop in Big Spring (Big Spring Collision Center) set us up with a repair shops he trusts (Nolan’s).  They “fit us in”.  They are a very busy shop.  We thought it might be a spark plug (which we just got fixed) or a coil or a bad batch of gas.  All it really meant to me was more dipping into our savings.  After four or five hours (which we enjoyed spending with my sister and the kiddos) they called.  They cleaned our fuel injectors and the truck was running great. And it didn’t cost as much as I thought it would.

All-in-all  it was an enjoyable weekend. I love my family.  The Hubs does too and He loves an adventure.

We had a somewhat uneventful trip back.  Do NOT stop in Brady and eat at Mac’s BBQ.  That’s another blog for “How America Does…”.

Did I mention that the Hubs broke his glasses the other day?  He is so funny.  He ordered his current glasses from China….super, super cheap but you have to pick online.  He is rough on his glasses.  A week or so ago, he cracked his glasses.  He did order another pair but because he ordered them from China he wasn’t expecting them for a while.  So he has been wearing cracked glasses.

When we drove in at 10:40 p.m. last night with our unhappy 5 month olds, I asked him to swing by the mailbox.  He did so with some words to me about him “not getting down”. So I got out and got our mail.

We were so excited that his new glasses came in.  I was sorting through some bills and noticed one from our mortgage company.  I opened it because we are expecting a new booklet (YEAH on ONE YEAR IN OUR NEW HOUSE!!!! and at least $100 in equity…haha…that is a mortgage joke because you do not built much equity in your home until you have been paying on it for five years unless you pay extra which I do but only $15 extra a month).  instead, I open the envelope and find a check.  We over-paid our escrow account last year and they sent us a check.

I didn’t even mention the fact that the Hubs works on commission, well base pay and commission and his last paycheck was substantially smaller than what he has been getting. The check in the mail actually made up the difference in the shortage.  It basically paid for our fun weekend, the truck getting fixed with a little left over.

God is good.  Seriously, He is so good.


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