More Accidental Fruit


Yes, I’ve been off the grid lately.  With our twins and our boy and the pool, I’ve been busy.  The ninos are sleeping right now because the hubs and I took them to the pool earlier.  And I’m making nearly 100 cupcakes for a graduation party tomorrow.

If you read my blog then you know I’ve been gardening.  I’m not all that great at it really.  Well, I’ve learned some powerful lessons.  This year, I planted seeds in the house and they all came up nicely.  I planted them in some “plantable” pots.  Keeping in mind, I read the directions and knew what I was supposed to do.  When it came time to plant my little seedlings, I let the Hubs and his brother take charge.  It didn’t cross my mind to tell them how to do it.  When I happen to get out to take a look at my little garden, the guys had removed some of the plants from the pots and then they didn’t plant some things deeply enough in the ground.  So basically, I do have a few tomatoes growing (my dad is already harvesting dozens of tomatoes), one jalapeno pepper, a few squash, five snow peas….and half a dozen cantaloupe.  Oh, but here’s the kicker.  I didn’t plant cantaloupe.  The cantaloupe came up last year in my compost (I composted cantaloupe rind and seeds) and it came back this year. And it came back in the compost.  So my compost is really small because I am avoiding touching the cantaloupe plants.  And there are tons of weeds in the compost because once the cantaloupe develop you must be very careful about moving the vines around or the cantaloupe will fall off the vine and then it’s over.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.  1. Plant your own garden….someone else might be willing but they may not do it how you would.  2. Sometimes the fruit you didn’t intentionally plant reaps the most fruit.  3. Sometimes you have to leave some weeds in order the reap a harvest later.

The Hubs planed a hanging strawberry plant and we do have eight little strawberries.  I’m not sure how much money we will save on fruit but hopefully some of our friends like cantaloupe.


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