Momlog: 2012 Oh that Boy


Here are a few things that The Boy has said recently.

My friend Suzy asked him who his mom is and he told her, “My mom has babies”.   He has also been saying “Oh my” about things…it sounds funny coming from him.  I say it all the time.

Here’s the doozey, he has been telling us that we are getting two more babies.  Yes, he told the Hubs the other day that mama is going to get more babies and we will have five baby seats in our car.  He also said, “Mama is going to ask Jesus for help”.  (He’s got that right!  I guess he hears me asking Jesus for help now).


One thought on “Momlog: 2012 Oh that Boy

  1. Wynnel

    Casey I love the way and the things you write about. Cute,funny and interesting. God bless you,babies and your hub. ,(love that you call him hubs)

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