On Obamacare


Rulings are in, the supreme court ruled in favor of upholding Obamacare.  I have no idea what the case was about.  The truth is, I don’t watch the news.  It’s depressing and it challenges my faith…there I said it.  When I watch the news the world seems hopeless.  I would rather read my Bible and have joy.  I get most of my news from Yahoo news (and they routinely feed me news about reality tv stars rather than real news) and from Facebook.

How do I even know about the ruling??  Facebook.  Several friends have posted on their status about it.

Two days ago, I had a phone call from a “survey” taker about politics.  He asked me several questions about the abortion issue.  No, I do not support abortion in any form or fashion.  It is playing God.  The survey taker was really calling about the Republican senate seat in our county.  There is a run-off between Jeff Somebody and Donna Somebody (I’m voting for Donna).  And basically they were letting me know that Jeff is pro-choice.  I am pretty sure that Jeff’s people spreading the word are going to be what causes him to loose….bless his heart.

I saw this…

Yes, our country is messed up, when you can terminate your baby but if you destroy an bird’s egg you are fined and or jailed.

Everyone is squalling about Obamacare.  From what I read, it taxes people for not purchasing insurance.  Who is uninsured?  Mostly people who cannot afford insurance.  It is messed up.  So far, I do not understand how Obamacare makes abortion more widely available.  Again, I am not all that informed about it.   Feel free to comment.

In any case and this is what I want to say about it…

The problem isn’t Obama or even women.  Our country has a “father” problem.  1. We aren’t looking to our Father.  2. Fathers have been absent from the home and the family.  3. We as a nation have viewed fathers as they are in tv sitcoms…either absent or the family idiot.  Think about it…Everybody loves Raymond, Home Improvement, The Simpsons.  This is how we view dads…optional.

Our prayer for nation right now (in this season) needs to be that the hearts of fathers would be turned to their children.

If men were present, if they were participating, if they had a heart at all then they would most women wouldn’t have abortions.  I would love to find statistics on if women who grow up with a healthy relationship with their dad have abortions.  What about women in a healthy marriage…do they get abortions?  How many sons with healthy relationships with their dads find themselves paying for a girlfriend to abort their child?

A fatherless nation has resulted in children either being disposable or on a pedestal.

God changes things when we pray!!!

We should stop abortion in our country.  We should pray that God raises up a generation of men who love their wives and children.  We should pray for fathers. We should pray for men and women’s hearts to be turned to their child.

Obama doesn’t make people get abortions….people have decided that all by themselves because they want the easy way out.  Obama doesn’t decide that we do.  We have allowed a spiritual culture to be established in this nation that reflects the world more than it reflects who we are…one nation, under God.  We have ceased to lead and have chosen to be led.  This is our fault…not Obama’s; he is merely result of our laziness and foolishness.

This is really just our wake-up call to pray.

Pray people!!!

(now that I’ve had a good rant, I can go back to cleaning my house.)


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