It’s All Fun and Games Until…


someone “scores”.

Preface:  I’m not going to name names in order to protect the guilty.  I did tell one of my friends that this would “make the blog”.  Many of my friends have expressed they that they love “making the blog”.

We had our LIfe group (and you better call it a “Life” group and not a small group at our church…they fine you.  I think one of our young women financed her missions trip by fining people who said “small group”) over tonight for a cookout.  

As with our group, someone brought games…one of the groups favorites “Catch Phrase” was easily organized.  I was outside chatting when I was called in because they needed another player.  The game is pretty easy and can be played with a large group.  There is a hand held device that randomly displays a phrase and whoever is “it” has to get his or her team to say the “catch phrase” without saying any words in the phrase, then that player passes the device to the next player.  There is some type of timer in the device and it makes a beeping sound that speeds up as the buzzer approaches.  If you are left holding the device the other team gets a point and for an extra point they can guess the phrase you were describing. 

We had 10 players and four of the players were from one family; Mom, Dad and two teens; one boy and one girl.  Mom and son were on one team and Dad and daughter were on the other team.  It was the son’s turn so he was describing a phrase by saying, “when you go on a date and it is going well..”  Just when the noise kind of died down, mom said, “You score”.  We all sat for a long second processing and then the room erupted. “Scoring” in association with “a date going well” didn’t sound so wholesome.  Her husband who was sitting next to her reacted by with such a look and everyone started saying things.  I was sitting next to her wondering if I heard correctly. The phrase he was describing was “Hitting it off”. We were laughing and asking them “What are y’all teaching your kids??”  What was even funnier was after the timer when off, the husband basically said, “I’m going on a date with you…tomorrow. And it’s going to ‘go well’.”  They were so cute.  We are a “church group” and it could have been awkward but her husband turned the whole thing around.  Suddenly, “a date going well” was associated with married people “dating”.  It was really a kiros moment (I hope I am spelling that correctly…it means a learning moment. Pastor Doug…see I am establishing the language of the Learning Circle!!! ). Our group is primarily married couples (although we love singles too), and most of us have been married for 5 years or less (The Hubs and I celebrate 5 years next week)  and this couple has been married for at least 18 or 19 years. The husband turned the whole situation around for his wife.  That is what we should do…for our spouses but really for anyone, take their awkward moment and just alleviate it. He had her back.  I think of the Proverb that says Love covers a sin.  Not that what she said was a sin; not at all but this family is new to our group and she may have felt uncomfortable and by the time it was over, we just laughed.  I hope they know how much we enjoyed their family and that was the highlight of my evening….I haven’t laughed so hard in while.



One thought on “It’s All Fun and Games Until…

  1. Sounds like y’all have a great “Life” group full of life! How wonderful. Thank you for sharing this blog and Happy Anniversary to you and Dennis! Can’t believe it’s been that long. : )

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